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Promo pic of The Everlys in Australia in 1960

It is with great pleasure to announce a new segment of Everly Brothers International, especially dedicated to all Everly Brothers Fans in Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere in the Pacific.

Judging from ticket sales, CD's and merchandise at previous Everly Brothers events in this region, it is obvious that the Everly Brothers have a very large following in the Southern Hemisphere - a long way from their Home-town of Central City - Kentucky.  

Lonnie Lee with Sonny Curtis of The Crickets, playing an Everly Bros guitar backstage 1960

We have been truly blessed to have the Everly Brothers visit our shores several times; their first Concerts dating as far back as the late fifties and we are positive some of you still remember these Concerts as if it was yesterday; as for well known International Stars to tour Australia was a novelty then, the plane trip alone was already a major expedition in those days; the Everly Brothers however managed to come to Australia several times and their 1983 Re-union Concert was a big production, filling up the Sydney Entertainment Centre, which was then the largest venue for Concerts of this magnitude !

Of course we are not telling you something you don't already know, no doubt you were all there and with this in mind we have decided to dedicate this segment to you - the Everly Brothers Fans - Down Under. 

The Everlys perform in Melbourne
during the Legends Of R & R Tour in 1989 

We would therefore love to hear from you - your experiences, stories, photos, memorabilia and what unusual Records, Cd-s you may have in your collections; anything newsworthy and interesting about the Everly Brothers Down-Under we will print - in return we will give you news about Everly Brothers Tribute Bands  and where they play, so we can all re-live the glory-days of their Music, organize events and special Fan nights, release interesting information about Memorabilia, Records and  CD-s, in order to keep the Everly Brothers momentum going Down Under - and Don and Phil don't be shy - we would love to hear from you too !! 

We are looking forward to hear from you - please spoil us with your Everly Time Down Under Stories and e-mail them to:




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