Harmony Trail is back! And as we promised this was definitely an unforgettable Everly-day. The fans who traveled to Leeuwarden were right and you all who stayed at home have missed a wonderful Everly Brothers Party. I dare say one of the best ever.....and I would know. 

For an entry price of only 7,50 per person we enjoyed way over 6 hours of very good entertainment.

Fred & Geoffrey as per usual sang many special versions of Everly throughout the afternoon and if they've never been away. Frans van den Borg had reserved the big room of 'Schaaf'. It is a great place and we are real envious but also proud of a venue like that; home soil for Harmony Trail and the De Haan Family. 

Although this Party was not organized by EBI Fred and Geoffrey asked me to host and do the opening with a short speech and of course I was very glad to comply.

They had so many other surprises in store for us which sounded even better than they looked in our most recent newsletter. 

The Friese Everly Brothers, the Brothers De Haan, do a slick Everly set still and photos will hopefully soon show how well they looked too!  Jurjen Kooistra was a nice escape from Everly fever. The Dutch Dean Martin sang of the most well-known classics, among which of course 'Memories Are Made Of This'. Quite a theme for the Party!

Impressive backing sound by the way. Next to Harmony Trail, The "Hanenkoor" (a choir of 20 members of the De Haan Family)  was the highlight of this Party. What an original idea. Also very unique to hear and watch a choir sing Everly songs. So easy to sing along with as well so this is a thing to treasure. This should be on TV! 

Another unique part of the Party were The Brabantse Everlys. Fred and his brother Willem had not sung Everly songs together for 40 years. What a reunion. Weeeeheelllllll, this was really very well done.

And what a bunch of songs they performed. So many of them are hardly ever sung live by anyone....or really never at all.

From 6 o 'clock onwards through out the night an Indonesian meal was served at the buffet at a very friendly price.  Special thanks to Rob Blokland for selling EBI's Everly merchandise at The Kentucky Shop. Especially the rare DVD that was shown got many requests. 

This was surely a Party to remember, Guys. Wonderful atmosphere.

Next time Music Center 'Schaaf', Breedstraat 48, 8911 GJ Leeuwarden, the Netherlands again, right everybody?

Worth the trip, the hospitality, a complete weekend of entertainment and leisure.