Hey all,

We all had a wonderful time in Leeuwarden at the Everly Tribute 2008.

Music Center Schaaf was very full. I'd estimate over 250 people were present, which is a big success. More than calculated and hoped for. This is growing.

Catering was excellent and at such a friendly price; good food. Entry price as well as the price for the food was amazingly low....I mean, imagine you are there enjoying all this for only € 7,50 ! Hardly possible in this day and age.....thanks to Joyce and Joop. One Euro an hour!!!

There was even a room for people to smoke so nicotine addicts did not have to stand in the rain for a smoke.

Lots of real fans came from everywhere so they could not miss out on this fest, one even came over from the United States!

Harmony Trail once again sang more than fantastic. It is so great to see that after all these years they are still able to reach to this perfect quality, even though they do not do these Everly songs regularly at all. In the middle of it all I was honored to present them (Fred, Geoffrey and Sylvester) with their new CD single 'The Rose'. Very well done.

The young Van Vught son Sylvester this time was outstanding. He certainly improved so fast since last year and Utrecht. Very musical family.....and that honors Fred and their Mom.

There was a big video screen and thanks to Rob Blokland, Peter Guijken and Chris Comman we were able to watch great and unique Everly video footage during every break. This way Don and Phil were there too, at their best.

The Hanen Choir again was so good. About 20 Friezian, mostly women and some guys, all from the family De Haan, did many songs from the Everly repertoire, making it such a nice and easy atmosphere for all of us to sing a long. There were even some very young and talented little Haan's there, who knew all Everly songs by heart. Of course, they hear these songs at home all day long, every day. Brave children with wise parents. Very good idea. I count on seeing you perform next year guys and girls so prepare for that.

The choir was sometimes accompanied by DJ & the Gang, a fantastic 50s en 60s cover band. DJ & the Gang played some great songs in various sets. Stones, Sam Cooke, Bob Marley, very mixed and very well done. They got lots of people dancing. Can't be wrong then huh?

And I was presented by a CD of the Haan Choir which will NOT be available. So proud of that.

Bought myself two copies of the new Harmony Trail single. After the whole show finished and we got all stuff back in the cars we enjoyed the after party in the lounge of the café at 'Schaaf' with the duo Très Chic (well-known from radio and TV here with pop and jazzy evergreens) I was amazed and happy to see Frans van den Borg behind the piano as part of that duo. Did not even know he was that talented. Very well done.

A lot of fans had made this into a wonderful weekend, booked a hotel, discovering Leeuwarden, hearing these people talk Fries (their own language in the Netherlands)

Doing the sound from behind his panel, a very relaxed guy, Ton Klein.

Great job also by Hein, who did the lights. Both a good team with producer Piet Nicolai, like all three working for 'Schaaf', who handled mostly everything on stage, and of course overall sound ear , production manager Fred van Vught.

Together with Chris and Annie and Henk de Haan, they put together a formula that works. Got a feeling one cannot do without any of the others so my advice or wish (I am not running this show anymore) would certainly be for them all to team up and start working on the November 2009 Party and make it grow for years to come!! The framework is there, guys.

We would like to thank so many people who were involved in the organization, especially Annie, Henk and Chris de Haan, that whole De Haan family is so enthusiastic, so important for that whole event all together....I guess some of them do not even know it themselves. Thanks of course most of all to Frans van den Borg for presenting the whole event.

Yes, another great event! We count on your doing it again next year guys. My thanks to all mentioned plus Dick, Gerard and Sylva.

See ya all soon! 


Winny Bleeker
Sylva Hostetler
Peter Guyken
Piet Piekstra
Wil and Bert Dullaart
Martial F. Bekkers
Staff at Schaaf:
Family Frans van den Borg

Henk de Haan
Annie de Haan
Chris de Haan

Cash registry and checking:
Emiel and Jannie


Dave and crew of Instana Indonesia

Sound and overall production:
Fred van Vugt
Ton Klein (sound and technical support)
Hein (lights and technical support)
Crew (serving, wardrobe and service)

Piet Nicolai

Harmony Trail & Brabantse Everly Brothers
Fred van Vugt
Geoffrey van Vugt
Silvester van Vugt
Willem van Vugt
The Evergreens (choir for 'The Rose')
The Hanen Choir
JC & the Gang
Henk & Family