Next Everly Tribute Party
in Leeuwarden (Schaaf):
November 13th !




We all again witnessed a successful Everly Brothers Tribute party with many hours of varied live music In Music Center ‘Schaaf’in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.

First Saturday in November, 2009 and another long day of entertainment.

Of course the most important portions of live music as always were delivered by Harmony Trail, son Geof and father Fred van Vugt. They amaze us year after year with some very good Everly harmonies.....which is what the fans from all over come to hear and enjoy.

There were all sorts of combinations with acoustic sets, also including Fred’s Brother Willem van Vugt and Henk de Haan.
Much louder but enjoyable were the very young
   Billy Benton and the Birddogs, with Rock 'n' Roll and Rockabilly music from the 50s. Maybe a little too much of it for one meal!

Whatever, including Henk de Haan and his son, performed good rock and 60s music.

Intervals and silent moments were filled with great video footage on a very big screen.
Rob Blokland again took care of that.

Especially during the great Indonesian dinner that was prepared for all by the caterers he showed several
portions from DVDs. If you're interested in the DVDs, let us know. We thank Peter and Chris for helping out at the Kentucky Shop, where Everly merchandise, CDs and DVDs were sold. 

Très Chic did a very good set of songs on stage, real performers, very relaxed.

Last part of this long day full of music was for The Brothers Fred and Willem van Vugt, who exclusively presented their brand new CD 'Brothers'. Some very good song material and we recommend this CD to you all. A high percentage of Everly like harmonies there, and these import Friesians know how to sing them.

Biggest surprise of the day was Harmony Trail closing the party with a live band for almost half an hour!!    
I have told them many a time, no matter how much time you take for rehearsing, singing with a band on a real stage like that of 'Schaaf' at Leeuwarden is always so much better than performing with a mini disc or CD.

We ended a little late but who cares.

There was an after party which was very cozy as always in the foyer of café 'Schaaf' where the duo Très Chic (pop and jazzy evergreens) entertained all those who stayed for a late drink and some chats, opinions and remarks.  

Another success artistically, this party which was organized by Fred van Vugt personally. I hope next year we will be able to reach the 250 visitors mark again like last year (2008) when the Hanenkoor (choir) were there to surprise us all.

Some good and well-meant advise, Fred. See to it that the artistic value and entertainment and everything around that is secured. That alone is more than a handful. Leave the organizing to others who have proven to be very good and successful at it.
You cannot organize this whole big thing and do everything else at the same time.
I noticed that.  Nonetheless, I enjoyed myself thoroughly and so did all people present.

Let’s make sure we will meet again on   
Saturday, November 13, 2010
Don’t say you did not know in time, y’all.

Chris and his team are already working on an even bigger program than this year. We might need an extra hour to fit it all into.

And I took care of some big reasons for real Everly fans from all over the world to be there.

Thanks for the photographs, Willem and others.