(Nederlandse Versie)


Hey all,

Let me start by saying that I have attended the best and biggest
Everly Tribute Party ever on 13th November at Music Center ‘Schaaf’
in Leeuwarden in the Netherlands with an attendance of
more than 500 people!!

This surprising outcome is a result of slowly packaging the Tribute in a
wider Flashback to the 50s and 60s, including the music of Buddy, Elvis,
Cliff, Shakin’ Stevens, rock ‘n roll, boogie, rockabilly, close harmony…..
in short, a combination of styles of music that we all enjoy so very much
from that era.

Going back to my reviews of the Tributes in 2009, 2008 and even
earlier you will notice that the new formula was already being shaped
then. With more and more acts performing till we got to the max this time.
A total of 8 acts bringing live music to you all from 4 till past 1 o’clock.
Can’t get any better. Music to listen to and dance by.

So when I said this was going to be bigger and better than ever I was not
mistaken. There was a lot on the menu and the program was very special.
Let us not kid ourselves about a real surprise. I have witnessed the many
hours Chris and his team have put into the promotion and planning.
This huge success of course is not a coincidence. It is the result of
hundreds and thousands of hours, hard devoted work.
I already had a plan in my mail from Chris including acts and 80% of the
program and acts back in February 2010!
Needed to stress that.



Not much later than 4 pm I had the honor to open this Flashback to the
50s and 60s before an audience that was already bigger than last year’s
total attendance. I then handed the baton over to Henk Vermeegen who
 introduced all the acts till after 1 in the night very enthusiastically.


I think I overdid things in 2008 when I said the Music Center was very full
with an estimated attendance of 250. Now it shows the Center can hold
500, with standing room for some!
Chris de Haan’s organizational and promotional work, with the support of
Ruud Kuijpers of the Explosion Rockets and Annie and Henk de Haan, Chris’
Aunt and Uncle, and us at EBI, resulted in a success that he and we had
secretly hoped for.



And we do not mean just the attendance quantity but even more the ever
growing quality of the performing acts, starting off with ‘Whatever’, a group
started by pure hobbyists who play the music from the 50s and 60s and are
now growing and playing all over the North of the Netherlands, especially
after adding a charming girl singer with a good voice.


They were followed by the Hanenkoor, a choir made up of members of the
De Haan Family exclusively. One of my favorites, since this I think is unique
in the world and should be in the Guinness book of records! Plus all these
Everly songs are now so easy to sing along with… many people did.

This is really the spot to highlight the sound engineer and crew who had a
tough job changing the stage, carrying mics around for a choir of more
than 20 people, than taking them out for the next act of only 3 or 4 people.
Sander & Friend,  Atsje and Hein, such a great and easy team to work
with. Imagine going from this big choir to Keatling, 3 ladies and 3 men,

acoustic guitars and harmony singing.



Very original arrangements of Everly songs
and even translations into their own Friesian language. A language on its
own in our small country, sounding a little like Scandanavian. So nice to
see how much time this group put into delivering something special in this
Everly Tribute vein. And we got to hear Phil’s ‘the air the I breath’.



Then just before the break The Phantoms, who did a good job on mostly
sixties songs we all know from Cliff Richard and The Shadows. Not a song
that the audience could not sing along to. And on keyboards again, Frans
van den Borg, the owner of Schaaf, a real entertainer and he has been for
many years.

Around 6:30 a big break was necessary to find time to eat and relax and
watch some great video footage of the Everlys on a big screen (thanks
Rob Blokland), including a live  recording of ‘This Little Girl of Mine’ with
Don and Phil even dancing without guitars, very unique.

The Indonesian food was delicious and I hope everybody got enough to eat
since these same people last year got stuck with food when not even half of
the expected people turned out. Now they had to serve more than 300!
And more and more people started finding their way to Schaaf around that
time. I heard no complaints so let’s hope that worked out well.


If you are interested in the DVDs which were shown during all the breaks,
please let us know. We thank Peter and Chris for helping out at the
Kentucky Shop with Everly merchandise, CDs and DVDs and of course
Mascha and her father and Ruud who took care of the Explosion Rockets
and Elvis merchandise. 


The Everly Brothers and Explosion Rockets Fan Shops were open and
got a lot of attention during every break and there was some great Elvis
merchandise for sale as well.


Lucha performed right after the break. Nice work from a small group,
Hans and Lucien, from rock band Nickelszon, to fight against the enthusiastic
talks among the audience and people pouring in. An intimate and good set.

And this small group was followed by the second appearance of the large Hanenkoor and more great Everly songs.

Meanwhile the Explosion Rockets had arrived after a long journey and
they started their first set of 45 minutes around 7:30.
Henk Vermeegen got a little too excited announcing them saying ‘And
now the real stuff’.
He is a fan so we won’t hold this against him.

There were of course many styles, which was what made this Flashback
special. And each of these acts was real good at what they did.
The theatre was filled to capacity and over a 100 people started
dancing….it was just a great atmosphere from here on.

A real rocking and boogying band with Ruud as a pro moving performer,
getting the crowd really going. This is their 25th year after reuniting and they
know how to make an audience really enjoy.
Even ladies dancing in petticoats and with real black and white rock ‘n’ roll

This was indeed a tough act to follow, especially since the crowd kept being enthusiastic and talking
 loud for quite a while. Not easy for Erwin Nyhoff (of Prodgical Sons fame) and his son Jim, a duo
singing harmony only accompanied on their two guitars.You had to admire the
way they just kept throwing the songs out. Erwin starting solo with wonderful renditions of  ‘Following The Sun’ and ‘Born Yesterday’. After that his 17 year’s old son joined in and the first notes of Cathy’s Clown made the crowd cheer. Beautiful harmonies singing lots of songs in the Everly tradition. Suprises like ‘Problems,  Love Of My Life’ and ‘Keep A Knocking’ followed, quite a few Everly songs, but also in combination with songs from their ‘nephews’ Simon & Garfunkel, ‘cousins’ The Beatles etc.
A nice way to show that all these groups and duos fit in the same group of
vocal harmony as that of Don and Phil. And they got the audience quiet and singing along!  Very Classy.

Erwin & Jim can be booked to play almost every location, they are always willing
to throw in a lot of Everly songs in their sets, together with all great pop classics from the fifties and beyond.
We are thinking about ways to present them in a smaller setting ourselves….but I am sure you already expected that.

After that, more power from the Explosion Rockets with songs well-known
from Elvis, Cliff and the Shadows, The Everlys, Shakin’ Stevens, Carl Perkins, Buddy Holly and many other rock greats from the 50s and 60s. A lot of singing, clapping and dancing, crowd anticipation for sure.

When their last encore had died down, it was Erwin and Jim Nyhoff
again. More Everly songs that they had especially rehearsed for this night. Combined with songs well-known from the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, etc.Great singing and guitar playing especially considering that 17 year old
Jim did this for the very first time. He was thrown in front of a very
experienced audience that had seen it all before.

Quite a task to follow the Explosion Rockets and close the whole ‘Flashback’ night.
There was some tension about the audience. Would enough people stay
till after midnight with the biggest act gone home and a lot of people
having to travel for 3 or 4 hours?

Well, to prove that this audience was a good bunch of people the final
act, The Three Farmer Boys, was greeted by a bigger audience than we
had seen during the entire Tribute Party last year! Nice Rockabilly sounds,
always chirpy and friendly. Classic style with a slap base and Chet Atkins style electric guitar. These guys pulled in some old Everly tunes too, highlighting with a smashing ‘Gone Gone Gone’.

Can’t dance but love to see the dancing and let me not forget to mention
that I still saw dancers, brill cream, petticoats and rock ‘n’ dancing shoes after 1
o ‘clock.

People came from everywhere in the Netherlands, even Germany, and
Belgium. Paid 10 Euros for almost 9 hours of very good live entertainment.
Can you imagine?!

Glad to see you got back to the framework you set up in 2008, Guys.
What a job to do all this with a more than balancing budget, not
forgetting to thank the sponsors who stepped forward to support
the whole project financially since this was pretty big.

Let us make sure we will meet again on the first or second Saturday in
November, 2011. Chris (great job, Man) and his team are already working
on it so keep these Saturdays open in your agenda, ok?
It is going to be hard to topple this but it is going to be a good one.
I missed quite a few Everly fans in the audience, familiar faces to me,
Let me tell you, and you know this now, you have missed out on the best
Everly Party ever, Guys.
Make sure to be there when a second chance is offered.

I know, a lot of people get a thank you in my reviews and I am sure I
forgot some. That is always the risk when you start mentioning

One man I want to thank especially is our WebMaster, Bas Siewertsen.
Notwithstanding his very busy private life and new family responsibilities
and not so long after the loss of his father this year and all the work
piled on his shoulders, he was always there to update this EBI WebSite,
and promote Flashback to the 50s and 60s in a very good way.
Bas is also the one who will put this review on our WebSite, illustrated
with some nice pictures and with the list underneath to thank ALL the
people who were somehow included in this wonderful project.

Our special thanks to the many people that helped us to make the event a great success:

Peter Guijken
Vanessa Mak


Chris de Haan
Annie de Haan
Henk de Haan


Staff at Schaaf:
Family Frans van den Borg

Ton Klein

& Crew 



Henk Vermeegen

DVD/Video on big screen :

Rob Blokland
Peter Guijken


Cash registry and checking:
Emiel and Fenny

Annie de Haan

Joop & Joyce of Instana Indonesia

Sound and overall production: 
Sander Stienstra & friend (sound and technical support, stage management)

Atsje Lettinga (technical & overall support)
all three from Muzykpleats : 
Hein (lights and technical support) 


The Hanen Choir          

(featuring Atsje Lettinga & Alex Roersma & De Haan kids & little friends)
The Three Farmer Boys
Explosion Rockets
Erwin and Jim Nijhoff
The Phantoms       


Our sponsors:

Bouwmij. S. van der Wal BV

Bitasco Leeuwarden         

Mercurius RTV                

Wagenaar Vrachtautorijschool   

Marinus Terpstra rijschool

Everly Brothers International

Oscom automatisering      
           & video editing


Also special thanks for their support to:

Anne van Eijs, Ivo Poelsma, Willem de Vries, Saskia Buising, Silvie Drees, Magda Dullemond, Roel Muskee, Remond Nieuwhof, Anton Lagardy, Peter Kraft, Willem de Haan, Michiel Osinga, Thom Sens, Ruud Kuijpers, Mascha, Explosion Rockets fanshop, Alex Roersma, Atsje Lettinga, Sander Stienstra & crew, Gerrit Wijkstra, Geert van Tuinen, Erwin & Jim, Louise Holwerda, Marian De Haan - Koning, Paulien Koning, Vanessa Mak, Chris de Haan, Frans van der Borg, Hein, Emiel, Jan de Wit, Martial Bekkers & EBI crew and fan shop, Rob Blokland (assisting, driving and helping Martial since many years), Peter Guijken and Chris Comman, Sylva Hostetler and everybody we forgot. Just know we appreciate your
help and support.