Everly Memory no. : 4

Lucky Fan                : Shirley DiRupo

Year                          : 1957 - Early 90s

The Story (in her own words)

Back in '57, I had my ear close to the radio, listening to the countdown of that year's hit songs.  I was so excited to hear the DJ say, "And now, the number one hit of 1957 - Bye Bye, Love by the Everly Brothers!"  I was totally thrilled - but I knew they'd win anyway.  I had joined their fan club circa '59, and I believe the Club's President was Susan Rose.  I still have my Everly photo pin she sent to all the fans.  

I met them in Newark, NJ, at a place called The Terrace Ballroom, don't know if it's still there.  My grandmother had taken me and we were sitting at a table and all of a sudden Don & Phil walked in carrying their guitar cases and walked right past our table -- I'm sure my jaw just dropped open.  I remember my grandmother smiling at me because she knew how happy I was.  I was 11 going on 12, and had my picture taken with them.  Got their autographs also.  

Years later, in the early 90's I think it was, I brought those pictures to Waterloo Village, NJ where they were playing and got to talk to them and show them the photos.  They signed them AGAIN and of course I treasure those autographs!!  Also, that same day, my husband took my picture kissing each of them on the cheek - I have those pictures displayed proudly in my den.  We drove to Central City, KY in Aug of 1997 for their Homecoming Concert (I don't know if they do them any more) and they were just as fabulous as ever.  I got to talk to both of them again.  My son grew up listening to their music, and I have a picture of Phil with my son from the Waterloo Village, NJ concert.  My son thought they were great, too! 

Oh, and in '97 my husband and I got to meet Don & his new wife Adela.  She was friendly and nice.