Don Solo



don Everly don EVERLY


Tumbling Tumbleweeds - The Eyes Of Asia - Don't Drink The Water

Safari - Omaha - February 15th - When I Stop Dreaming - My Baby

Thinking It Over - My Friend - Sweet Dreams

Release date: December 1970 Label: A&M/Ode '70 SP 77005 Released on Compact Disc


Sunset Towers


Melody Train - Jack Daniels Old No. 7 - Warmin Up The Band - Helpless

When You're Gone - Did It Rain - Brand New Rock & Roll Band - Takin'

Shots - The Way You Remain - Evelyn Swings - Southern California

Sunset Towers
Release date: August 1974 Label: A&M/Ode SP 77023 Released on Compact Disc


Brother Jukebox Brother Jukebox


Brother Jukebox - Love At Last Sight - So Sad (To Watch Good Love

Go Bad) - Lettin Go - Since You Broke My Heart - Never Like This (only

on UK release) - Deep Water - Yesterday Just Passed My Way Again

Oh I'd Like To Go Away - Oh What A Feeling - Turn The Memories

Loose Again

Release date: 1976 Label: Hickory/ABC Records AH 440003 Released on Compact Disc