Bert Poyck's Guitar Story 

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Long Time Ago……………

Yes it is a long time ago and I did not realize that one picture would have such influence on me. What picture, you’ll ask. Well in 1960 I bought my first Everly Brothers album on WB, “It’s Everly Time” On the back of that album you see a picture that shows: Two boys, One Microphone and Two Guitars

I could not immediately figure out what the brand name was of these guitars. Something was written on the “headstock”, but I could not read it. But as I saw more and more pictures of the Everly Brothers and the guitars they played it became clear to me that the name was “Gibson”. So I ran to the only guitar shop in town and asked if they had Gibson guitars in stock

The owner looked at me, I was16 years old, and said ‘no these are too expensive to have in stock. I hardly think you can afford one but go to this guitar dealer just across the border in Belgium,he might have one or two Gibsons in stock’. The next Saturday I biked 20 miles to get there and to my big surprise the guy had one Gibson in stock, a Gibson Hummingbird….wow !  I was not allowed to touch it. He gave me a folder and wrote some prices in it. Also at the model the Everly Brothers used, The J200 Sunburst which was also in the brochure.

The prices were in Belgian francs and I had to ask my dad: “ How much is this in Dutch Guilders?” He asked :”Why do you wanna know?” I said because I want to buy one of these guitars and showed him the J200. He started laughing and said: ”This guitar costs almost as much as I make in a month. How and where do you think you’ll get the money to buy one?”

Years went buy and after having bought several cheap guitars I thought now it’s the time to buy a real one, a Gibson. In 1972, 12 years later, I went to this Belgium dealer again and he showed me the new Gibson Brochure in which the Gibson Everly Brother guitar was also pictured. After the Everly Brothers had used several J200 models (read all about this in the File-Guitars section on the EBI website) Gibson and The Everly’s decided to have a guitar on the market called Everly Brothers. The guitar was a little smaller than the J200 and was shaped after the discontinued J185.

The production started in 1963 and lasted ‘till 1972. During that period only 488 guitars, called Everly Brothers, were made. I ordered an Everly Brothers guitar and some months later I was informed that  the production had stopped and the Everly Brothers guitar was not available anymore! I was very, very disappointed of course and instead I ordered a Hummingbird, because this guitar had the same price as an Everly at that time.

The J200 was still not in my reach at that time! I still have that Hummingbird as I write this, spring 2006, but a good friend of mine recently offered me good money for it. Who knows? 

From 1972, ‘till I moved to the Caribbean in 1999, I started collecting Gibson guitars. In this period I collected 26 acoustic Gibson guitars. 3 Gibson Everly Brothers guitars, 5 J200’s, 2 J100’s, the Hummingbird, a B45/12 string, a rare LG2 ¾ model and many, many other Gibson models were in my collection.

When I moved to Bonaire, a Dutch island in the Caribbean, I realized that I never could take all my guitars to that island. Because of the climate it would be almost impossible to keep them all in perfect shape. I cannot use air conditioning in my house. The reason that I moved to Bonaire was and is:  since my early forties I suffer from asthma and air conditioning kills me!  Next to the Gibsons and Epiphones (also a Gibson brand), I had a Steinegger Ike Everly in my collection.

The Steinegger Ike Everly is the guitar the Everly Brothers are using since their reunion concert in London in September 1983.

Just before the Reunion Concert I started my Gibson Everly Brothers Owners Club, after I had discussed this idea with Phil and Don Everly. My goal was to find out how many of the 488 Gibson Everly Brothers guitars are still around and who owns them. In all these years I met a lot of guitar enthusiasts and famous people who own or owned one of these unique Gibson Everly Brothers Guitars. They all gave me the information I asked for: Serial number, Condition, Price etc. so I could build my Gibson Everly Brothers guitar file.

My Steinegger Ike Everly I bought in 1987 and I became good friends with Robert Steinegger. The total Steinegger Ike Everly’s is 57 (see interview with Robert Steinegger in the File-Guitars section of the EBI website)

When it was clear that we should move to Bonaire I started selling my collection in Holland, Belgium and England. I kept the 7 best ones and they were on the island ‘till early 2006 when I again had to sell 4 of them. Two of them were electric guitars, the only two I ever had and played. A Gibson SG and an Epiphone Sheraton 

At the same time I ordered: A brand new Gibson SJ200 Quilted Maple at the Gibson Custom shop, which arrived early February 2006 and now I have: 

**A Black J200, with Everly shaped pick guards and a piezo pick-up under the bridge. The guitar that I used as rhythm guitar player in several bands 

**The brand new SJ200 Quilted Maple from the Custom Shop A superb instrument, that rings like a bell and plays so easy. 

**The Steinegger Ike Everly. A hand made guitar, the best acoustic guitar I have ever seen and played on...........................

**The Hummingbird from 1972!    My very FIRST Gibson

And all this happened because of that one picture on the back of that album sleeve! In all these years I met a lot of friendly people and made friends all over the world!  Friends with the same passion, Guitars, Gibson, Steinegger, Everly Brothers, Music.


You won’t see that many original Gibson Everly Brothers (1963-972) guitars for sale on the second hand market anymore. They are in the safe hands of collectors now. If one of these guitars is offered through a dealer, prices will range between $4500.00-$9500.00, depending on Year-Condition-Color combination.

Last month I received an email that two Gibson Everly Brothers were for sale in the States. One seems to be one of the two “proto-types” Gibson made just before the production started. These are the only two Black Gibson Everly Brother guitars, I know of with White Pick guards. One now for sale…….very unique! 

The other one was a early sixties model, with beautiful red flamed tortoi shell Pick guards and was owned by Don Everly as they say. 

One Steinegger Ike Everly is also for sale at the moment I write this story. It’s the # 48, with Koa Back and Sides a Moustache Bridge and Blonde Spruce Top Price is $5000.00 for this beauty!!

The Steinegger Ike Everly # 36 was sold through eBay last spring for about the same amount of money. When Robert Steinegger built The Ike Everly model, he also built one that he kept for himself. On that guitar he asked all artists he met through the years to sign the top of that guitar 

That special, very special guitar Robert wants to sell now.

If you are really interested, just let me know. The price he wants for it is $27.800

Hope you all enjoyed my story

Bert Poyck
Februari 2006

The Everly Brothers and their Guitars

with J200 Sunburst guitars


with Black J200 and Black Pickguards guitars


with Black J200 and White Pickguards guitars


with White J200 and Black Pickguards guitars


with Gibson Everly Brothers guitars


with Steinegger Ike Everly guitars