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2005 is destined to become 'the' year for Everly fans. Not only will Don & Phil start touring again this year the market also literally will be flooded with new Everly releases on compact disc. 

Especially for those who have lost track here's the 'low down' on the most exciting releases for 2005 (and 2006).

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The Outtakes

The Outtakes. And yet there is more to come from that great little label from Germany. Next to those fab box sets a special release will be made available early 2006 containing alternate takes of familair Cadence tracks.

Track list (31 tracks !):

Bye Bye Love (take 1)
I Wonder If I Care As Much (take 3)
Wake Up Little Susie (take 1)
Hey, Doll Baby (take 4)
Brand New Heartache (take 2)
Keep-A-Knockiní (take 5)
Love Of My Life (take 1)
Leave My Woman Alone (take 1)
Rip It Up (take 4)
Maybe Tomorrow (take 3)
Claudette (take 1)
Poor Jenny (one oíclock version) (take 7)
Problems (alternate)
All I Have To Do Is Dream (take 5)
Take A Message To Mary (take 7)
Bird Dog (take 1)
Oh, What A Feeling (take 4)
(íTil) I Kissed You (take 3)
Poor Jenny (ten oíclock version) (take 3)
This Little Girl Of Mine (take 2)
Be Bop A-Lula (long false start) (take 4)
Claudette (take 7)
Wake Up Little Susie (take 6)
Hey, Doll Baby (take 1)
All I Have To Do Is Dream (take 1)
Poor Jenny (take 5)
That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine (Take 2)
Down In The Willow Garden (Take 3)
Long Time Gone  (Take 3)
Oh, So Many Years (Take 4)
Rockin' Alone (In An Old Rocking Chair) (Take 12)
Kentucky (Take 7)
Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet (Take 15)

I'm Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail (Take 2)

Available now !

Think of it as a follow up to 'All They Had To Do Was Dream' and then some. Knowing the Bear Family People the quality will be fantastic !


Give Me A Future

Give Me A Future. The sequel to 'Too Good To Be True'  this time containing unreleased demos from the 50s, 60s and 70s.       

Track list:

Give Me A Future - Maybe Tomorrow - How Did We Stay Together - Since You Broke My Heart - Youíre The One - Will I Ever Have A Chance Again - Whoís To Be The One - Donít Call Me, Iíll Call You - Captain, Captain - You Can Fly - Her Love Was Meant For Me - Hello Amy - Iíll Bide My Time - Oh What A Feeling - Turned Down -  Iím Tired Of Singing My Song In Las Vegas - Iím Gonna Make Real Sure - Only Me

Available now !

By the end of the year you probably will be broke but by golly what a great way to spend your cash !

On this cd (number three thousand and thirty two this year we reckon) the Everly fan will be treated to more demos by Don and/or Phil from their first three decades of recording.

Yes and our advice is the same as for all those other great goodies;  Get them while you can !


Too Good To Be True

Too Good To Be True. A very special album containing unreleased demos from the 50s. Track list:

Too Good To Be True - I Wonder If I Care As Much - How Did We Stay Together - Maybe Tomorrow - I Didn't Mean To Go This Far - Should We Tell Him - It's Too Late To Say Goodbye - Since You Broke My Heart - All I Ask Of Life - Give Me A Future - I'll Throw Myself At You - Made To Love - Life Ain't Worth Living - Kiss Me Once - Dancing On My Feet - Do You Love Me - When Will I Be Loved - It's All Over 

Available now !

The cd includes the never-released songs 'Too Good to Be True,' 'How Did We Stay Together,'  'I Didnít Mean to Go This Far,' 'All I Ask of Life,' 'Iíll Throw Myself at You,' and 'Itís Too Late to Say Goodbye' and even Don Everly demos of the unheard songs 'Kiss Me Once' and 'Do You Love Me,' plus an early demo of 'Since You Broke My Heart,' .........1958Ė59 Phil Everly demos of 'Made to Love,' 'Dancing on My Feet,' his famous hit song 'When Will I Be Loved,' and, to close it all off, a demo of 'Itís All Over' which Don recorded for Wesley Roseís Hickory label in the seventies.

This cd will even surprise the most ardent Everly fan. A must have !


15 original Warner albums. Titles include:

It's Everly Time, A Date With, Both Sides Of An Evening, Instant Party, Great Country Hits, Gone Gone Gone, Rock 'n' Soul, Beat 'n' Soul, In Our Image, Two Yanks In England, Hit Sound, Sing, Roots, The Everly Brothers Show and The New Album

All titles have been made available in May/June 2005

Before Warner UK was able to release their Everly Brothers output Collectors Choice snapped up the rights to aforementioned albums and released them in the US without any extra tracks. As they used the same masters that Warner already had prepared it all sounds wonderful. Especially of interest is The New Album from 1977 which contains rare Everly tracks from the Warner vaults and has never been released before on CD.


Christmas with The Everly Brothers (original Warner Album from 1962)

Available now !

Warner decided to keep this seasonal classic for themselves by way of releasing it through their subsidiary label 'Rhino Flashback'. Alas there are no extra tracks on this release.


Mercury Recordings

The Mercury Studio Recordings (1984-1988). This 2 disc set will include the following titles:

On The Wings Of A Nightingale, Danger Danger, The Story Of Me, I'm Takin My Time, The First In Line, Lay Lady Lay, Following The Sun, You Make It Seem So Easy, More Than I Can Handle, Asleep, Amanda Ruth, I Know Love, Born Yesterday, These Shoes, Arms Of Mary, That Uncertain Feeling, Thinkin'About You, Why Worry, Abandoned Love, Don't Say Goodnight, Always Drive A Cadillac, You Send Me

A Kiss Is A Terrible Thing To Waste (prev. unreleased), Some Hearts, Don't Worry Baby, Ride The Wind, Be My Love Again, Can't Get Over It, Angel Of The Darkness, Brown Eyes, Three Bands Of Steel, Julianne, Any Single Solitary Heart, Don't Worry Baby (Remix), Ballad Of A Teenage Queen (Johnny Cash with The Everly Brothers)

Out now

For those who thought the releases would be limited to their 60s output please think again !  The good people at Hip-O-Select have decided to give the 80s a complete overhaul. Included on these cds will be the 3 albums they recorded for Mercury and even an unreleased track !


Two box sets containing 7 discs each chronicling the Everlys output at Warners and RCA

Box I   -  out now !
Box II  - available in 2006   

As Warner UK probably won't be finishing what they have started 4 years ago the fantastic label from Germany Bear Family Records decided to give it a go. 14 discs containing each and every recording the Everlys produced for Warner and RCA. No doubt containing many (pleasant) suprises ! This is the mother load so start saving up for these babies !

Check out the main page for more info and how to save money by ordering through EBI !


New Warner UK cds ! New Warner UK cds ! New Warner UK cds !


The following 3 cds:


1 Oh, Lonesome Me 
2 Born To Lose
3 Just One Time
4 Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On 
5 Release Me
6 Please Help Me, I'm Falling  
7 I Walk The Line 
8 Lonely Street
9 Silver Threads And Golden Needles
10 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
11 Sweet Dreams 
12 This Is The Last Song I'm Ever Going To Sing
13 Donna, Donna
14 Lonely Island
15 The Facts Of Life
16 Ain't That Lovin' You Baby
17 Love Is All I Need
18 Torture
19 The Drop Out
20 Radio And Tv 
21 Honolulu
22 It's Been A Long Dry Spell 
23 The Ferris Wheel
24 Gone, Gone, Gone 
25 Love Her 
26 You're The One I Love 
27 The Girl Sang The Blues 
28 Hello Amy
29 I Think Of Me
30 Nancy's Minuet (Single Version)
31 Don't Forget To Cry 
32 When Snowflakes Fall In Summer
33 Ring Around My Rosie
34 Trouble 
35 Girls, Girls, Girls (What A Headache)


1 That'll Be The Day
2 So Fine 
3 Maybelline
4 Dancing In The Street
5 Kansas City
6 I Got A Woman
7 Love Hurts
8 Slippin' And Slidin'
9 Susie Q
10 Hound Dog
11 I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town
12 Lonely Weekends
13 Love Is Strange 
14 Money (That's What I Want)
15 What Am I Living For
16 Hi Heel Sneakers
17 C C Rider
18 Lonely Avenue
19 Man With Money 
20 People Get Ready
21 My Babe
22 Walking The Dog
23 I Almost Lost My Mind
24 The Girl Can't Help It
25 You're My Girl
26 Don't Let The Whole World Know
27 Kiss Your Man Goodbye
28 Give Me A Sweetheart 
29 Follow Me
30 Don't Ya Even Try
31 Susie Q (Italian Version)
32 La Luna e Un Pallido Sole (Italian Version)
33 Non Mi Resti Che Tu (Italian Version) 


1 Temptation (Hollywood Version) 
2 Little Hollywood Girl (Nashville Version) 
3 How Can I Meet Her? 
4 Burma Shave (Nashville Version)
5 I Can't Say Goodbye To You
6 I'm Afraid
7 Nancy's Minuet (Ver. 1)
8 Nice Guy (Remastered Alternate Version) 
9 Dancing On My Feet
10 Chains
11 What About Me
12 Foolish Doubts 
13 No One Can Make My Sunshine Smile (Hollywood Version)
14 Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo (Alternative Version)
15 (So It Was..So It Is) So It Will Always Be
16 Don't Ask Me To Be Friends
17 Muskrat (Remastered Single Version) 
18 The Sheik Of Araby
19 Whatever Happened To Judy
20 Nancy's Minuet (Take 5)
21 I'm Afraid (Take 1) 
22 (So It Was..So It Is) So It Will Always Be (Alternate Version)
23 No One Can Make My Sunshine Smile (Hollywood Version)
24 Little Hollywood Girl (Holywood Version)
25 Burma Shave (Hollywood Version)

Available now !

And they are finally here !  3 cds packed with quality albums and great unreleased takes/versions.

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