Released on 22 November 2004

For Everly Brothers and Simon & Garfunkel fans this must be the most eagerly awaited release of 2004.

The Old Friends Tour has been released on DVD and CD !   Please check out the track listing for these great releases and get your copies a.s.a.p !


Opening Montage
Old Friends
Hazy Shade Of Winter
I Am A Rock
At The Zoo
Baby Driver
Kathy's Song
Tom & Jerry Story
Hey Schoolgirl

Everly Brothers Intro
Wake Up Little Susie
All I Have To Do Is Dream
Bye Bye Love

Scarborough Fair
Homeward Bound
Sounds Of Silence
Mrs. Robinson
Slip Slidin'Away
El Condor Pasa
Only Living Boy In New York
American Tune
My Little Town
Bridge Over Troubled Water
The Boxer
Leaves That Are Green

+ unreleased footage

CD (2 set)

Old Friends
Hazy Shade Of Winter
I Am A Rock
At The Zoo
Baby Driver
Kathy's Song
Tom & Jerry Story
Hey Schoolgirl

Everly Brothers Intro
Bye Bye Love

Scarborough Fair
Homeward Bound
Sounds Of Silence
Mrs. Robinson
Slip Slidin'Away
El Condor Pasa
Only Living Boy In New York
American Tune
My Little Town
Bridge Over Troubled Water
The Boxer
Leaves That Are Green

Citizen Of The Planet

Crickets & their Buddies


When The Band That Helped Invent Rock N’ Roll 
Went Back To The Studio To Record The Album Of A Lifetime,
Thirteen Legendary Buddies Lent Their Voices.

That's right and of those Buddies just happens to be Phil Everly. Who for the occasion is joined by his son Jason. An album that due to legalities has been delayed for years finally sees a release. 

Please check out the following links for ordering and more info:

CD Review from Buddy Holly Online

Order the CD from Sovereign Artists



Just recently Oh Boy Records re-released Don's solo album from the mid-70's 'Brother Jukebox'.

Please check out their website for more info and get your hands on some great John Prine stuff as well !

Brother Jukebox 
Love At Last Sight 
So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad) 
Lettin' Go 
Since You Broke My Heart 
Never Like This 
Deep Water 
Yesterday Just Passed My Way Again 
Oh, I'd Like To Go Away 
Oh What A Feeling 
Turn The Memories Loose Again 


The Complete Cadence Recordings 1957-1960

All Cadence recordings plus 4 previously unreleased tracks: Sally Sunshine, You Can Bet (demo), I Can't Recall, Wishing Won't Make It So (demo).


CD1: Give Me A Future - Life Ain't Worth Living - Bye Bye Love- I Wonder If I Care As Much - Should We Tell Him - Wake Up Little Susie - Maybe Tomorrow - Hey Doll Baby - Brand New Heartache - Should We Tell Him - Keep A Knockin' - Leave My Woman Alone - Rip It Up - This Little Girl Of Mine - Be Bop A Lula - All I Have To Do Is Dream - Claudette - Bird Dog - Devoted To You - Sally Sunshine (previously unreleased) - You Can Bet (previously unreleased demo) - I Can't Recall (previously unreleased) - Wishing Won't Make It So (previously unreleased, demo)
CD2: Roving Gambler - Down In The Willow Garden - Long Time Gone - Lightning Express - That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine - Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet - Barbara Allen - Oh So Many Years - I'm Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail - Rockin' Alone In My Old Rockin' Chair - Kentucky - Put My Little Shoes Away - Problems - Love Of My Life - Take A Message To Mary - Poor Jenny (Ten O'Clock version) - Oh True Love - Til I Kissed You - Oh, What A Feeling - Poor Jenny (One O'Clock version) - Let It Be Me - Since You Broke My Heart - When Will I Be Loved - Like Strangers


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Harmony Trail - Everly Classics Harmony Trail - Everly Classics


Harmony Trail

Road Records

Plays for 50 + minutes


The CD we have been waiting for, and we know you have. 'Harmony Trail Live at Spakenburg' has been the working title for all these months. At our request Road Records decided to give the CD a more commercial title....a wise decision. A superb recording of a selection of Everly Brothers songs that the duo Harmony Trail performed live at our most recent Annual EBI Party, which in 1999 took place at Spakenburg (that's Volendam country), The Netherlands....and at their CD presentation on June 17th 2000. 

Everly Classics Live !

(c) John Cornax


Fred and Geoffrey, as most of you know, don’t especially go for the golden Everly hits, 'Bye Bye Love' or 'Dream' . On this CD you will find songs like 'The Doll House Is Empty' and ‘She Never Smiles Anymore’. And the sometimes millennium arrangements are an important added bonus. They don’t detract that much from the original, mind you, but it’s just that tiny little bit that can make a song sound fresh and new again.


1. That’s Old Fashioned 
2. Born To Lose 
3. When Will I Be Loved 
4. Let It Be Me 
5. Don’t Ask Me To Be Friends 
6. Waiting For Dawn 
7. She Never Smiles Anymore 
8. The Dollhouse Is Empty 
9. Don’t Let Our Love Die 
10. Rip It Up 
11. Long Time Gone 
12. Why Worry 
13. Sing Me Back Home 
14. The Story Of Me 
15. Down In The Willow Garden 
16. Nothing Matters But You 
17. Lonely Street 
18. Kentucky


The inlay of course was decorated with a full color photo by Martin Alberts. Again the info will show how much of an influence Everly Brothers International had on the product. We won’t remind you too often. Promise. It’s just so you all know that we are proud to be associated with this product.

Everly Classics Live !

(c) John Cornax


Thanks to the Rocky Top Music Group we are able to offer this CD to you for only US $ 17.00, including a mailing package and the cost of air mail (European equivalents are £ 8.90, DM 28,00, FF 89,00, BEF 590 or DFL 29,50 including postage). Ask for the total price if you're interested in more copies of this and other CD's, shirts, etc. in one go! We will add a free copy of Harmony Trail’s CD Single ‘Miss You Like Crazy’ to all larger orders. This CD Single was of course taken from their first CD ‘Loving You’. Certainly also worth buying if you don't already have your own copy.


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Everly CD ROM


Nothing earthshattering compilationwise here, if it wasn't for a neat little CD ROM that is included in this package. Please don't expect too much as the CD ROM only offers a limit amount of Everly info and pictures. It still is a nice extra though which contains a biography, discography, a screensaver (unfortunately only with text) and some pictures.

Oh, by the way the songs on this compilation (19 in total and with a pretty good sound quality) are only Cadence tracks, which makes it a little bit incomplete as far as The Story Of..........goes, don't you think ?

For people keen on getting their hands on the first ever Everly CD ROM please visit the Online Kentucky Shop.

Don Everly

Raven Records RVCD-74

Over 75 minutes of music



Raven Records in Australia have just released a CD of Don Everly's Ode recordings. The CD includes his albums 'don EVERLY' and 'SUNSET TOWERS' and 'ONLY ME', the flipside of the single "Tumbling Tumbleweeds'.


At last a company came up with a CD release of material that to us has rated among the best Everly recordings, certainly since the seventies. A great initiative that deserves all our support.
We know how this CD has been produced and we can honestly say the quality is very good, amazingly better even than we had ever imagined; impressive.



The CD contains the following tracks (playing time over 75 minutes)  :

  1. Tumbling Tumbleweeds
  2. Eyes of Asia
  3. Don't Drink The Water
  4. Safari
  5. Omaha
  6. February 15th
  7. When I Stop Dreaming
  8. My Baby
  9. Thinking It Over
10. My Friend
11. Sweet Dreams
12. Only Me
13. Melody Train
14. Jack Daniels - Old No. 7
15. Warmin' Up The Band
16. Helpless When You're Gone
17. Did It Rain?
18. Brand New Rock 'n' Roll Band
19. Takin' Shots
20. The Way You Remain
21. Evelyn Swing
22. Southern California


The 12 pages hold a detailed and very interesting story about Don's talent and career and is illustrated by some great photographs. You can see that the details have been gathered by someone with real devotion who knows what he's writing about.
EBI's E-mail address and info have found a prominent place in the booklet, and the P.O. Box addresses and URL are printed too.
Nice packaging.


Thanks to the Rocky Top Music Group we are able to offer this CD to you for only US $ 21.00 including the cost of air mail (European equivalent are £ 13.25, DM 39,90, FF 140, BEF 899 or DFL 43,95).
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  Tracks: Born To Lose - Just One Time - Release Me - Sweet Dreams - Silver Threads And Golden Needles -Send Me The Pillow You Dream On - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry - Oh, Lonesome Me - I Walk The Line - Lonely Street - This Is The Last Song I'm Ever Going To Sing - Please Help Me I'm Falling - Sleepless Nights - Love Hurts - It's All Over - A Legend In My Time - Bowling Green - It's My Time - I Wonder If I Care As Much   (tracks from the Warner Bros album 'The Everly Brothers Sing Great Country Hits' plus 7 other country tracks from different periods).   The cover photo might slightly differ from the illustration as shown above.  


Thanks to the Rocky Top Music Group we are able to offer this CD to you at the following exclusive prices (including Air Mail postage and shipping) : US $ 17.00 (outside Europe) , £ 8.90 (for British fans), DEM 28,00 (Germany), FF 89 (France) or an equivalent of 29,95 Dutch guilders.


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Phil Solo

Just recently Castle Select Records re-released phil's solo albums he recorded for Pye Records in the mid-seventies (There's Nothing Too Good For My Baby and Mystic Line). Also included is a bonus track which has only been released so far on the compilation 'The London Sessions'. As this is a mid-price release it should be an interesting addition to ever(l)y fan's collection !


Sweet Music
Goodbye Line
Feather Bed
Too Blue
There's Nothing Too Good For My Baby
Invisible Man
We're Running Out
It's True
New Old Song
Three Bells
The Lion And The Lamb
Mystic Line
January Butterfly
You And I Are A Song
Words In Your Eyes
Better Than Now
When Will I Be Loved
Back When The Bands Played In Ragtime
Baby You Know Me

As usual you can contact us if you're interested in obtaining a copy of this great compilation


The new Andrew Lloyd Webber / John Steinman collaboration project that includes the latest Everly duo recording called 'Cold' is finally released in Europe. Don and Phil recorded the song while they toured Europe in 1997. Apart from the full length CD there is a special collectors 4 track CD release that includes Don and Phil's song. This 4 track CD is not available as a regular release and not available from music shops. It includes a live recording of 'Whistle Down The Wind', 'Cold' by the Everly Brothers, 'The Vaults Of Heaven' by Tom Jones and 'Tire Tracks And Broken Hearts' by Bonnie Tyler. The Steinman/ Webber WebSite offers interesting info and we have ordered copies for 7 pound sterling by E-mail at in the UK. Be quick if you'd like a copy of this limited edition CD maxi. Maybe we can still get you one.


Mark Dillman from Kansas just sent us some information on a new Everly CD. Thanks Mark !

'I am now listening to a new Everly Bros. CD entitled "Live at the BBC", label: Mastertone USA, Inc., 3208 W Lake St., Suite #4, Minneapolis, Minnesota USA 55416, catalog #8226. This is one of a series of CDs containing BBC radio and TV performances. An earlier volume in this series is by Roy Orbison. With the exception of a few mail order catalogs, this series of CDs is available only at Best Buy stores here in the USA. (Best Buy is a very large chain of electronics stores.)

The sound quality, packaging, photos, liner notes, and track information are all very good. The track listing is as follows: Wake Up Little Susie, Baby What You Want Me To Do, Dream (Sept. 7, '63 Saturday Club), Walk Right Back, Let It Be Me, Lucille, Bowling Green, Susie Q, Bye Bye Love (May 3, '68 Transcription Service recording), Crying In The Rain, Cathy's Clown, When Will I Be Loved, Bird Dog, 'Til I Kissed You, Temptation ('83 Reunion Concert). The Reunion Concert has been reissued dozens of times, but of more interest here are the '60s radio recordings. An impressive new CD.'

If you're interested in obtaining this CD you might want to contact us ( and we will take care of your order.


Some other info on this subject was supplied to us by Andrew Teton, for which we of course would like to thank him as well !

Pop-music gems buried in BBC dispute

USA TODAY June 19th, 1998;

Way back in the 1960s, someone at the British Broadcasting Corp. had a brilliant idea. The government-controlled radio system could save money on tape and storage if it erased the sessions recorded by musicians in its studios. At roughly $9 per one-hour tape, the move could save thousands of dollars a year. But the short-sighted civil servant who approved the move may have given away millions of dollars in future revenue. The sessions erased included work by just about every prominent British and American musician of the day, including the Beatles, RollingStones, Chuck Berry and Jimi Hendrix.

Some music-loving BBC producers, however, didn't obey the order to erase everything. They made their own copies of some of the sessions, squirreled tapes away deep in the BBC storage areas, and generally saved what may be among the richest pop-music treasures ever recorded. Their thanks? Well, Bernie Andrews and Jeff Griffin, two of those producers, are now embroiled in a battle with the BBC, which has located some of the missing tapes and started to issue them commercially. The most recent fruit is The Jimi Hendrix Experience: BBC Sessions, just out on Experience Hendrix/MCA Records. Andrews and Griffin say they should be paid for their producing work. The BBC differs, citing their full-time employment status as BBC engineers.

''There's only one side to the story, not my side or theirs,'' says John Willan, BBC director of music. ''They have claimed they should share in the commercial exploitation of any product in which they were employed as producers. (But) as far as we are aware, they have no rights in this matter at all.'' Although they won't come out and say it directly, Andrews and Griffin hinted recently that more gems have survived the tape erasures than the BBC now possesses ¯ music that may surface if proper compensation is forthcoming. Griffin says that 13 early Rolling Stones tracks recently discovered by the BBC are ''not all the tracks that are inexistence.'' Where is the rest? ''Well, a lot depends on the BBC's attitude to us as to how much of it exists,'' says Griffin. Adds Andrews: ''At the moment, there's a lot of tight-lippedness over who's got what. That's how it's going to stay all the time the BBC's attitude to us is like it is.'' Andrews recalls that the Rolling Stones had a tough time making it past the BBC's rigid auditioning service during the early '60s. It seems Mick Jagger had trouble with diction.

''I wanted to get the Stones in, obviously, and at that time Bo Diddley was due to come over to the U.K. to do a tour,'' Andrews recalls. ''And I couldn't use the American backing musicians because of work-permit problems. So I had to employ a British band to back him.'' Voila. The Stones, noted American blues fans, had a BBC gig, backing Bo. There was only one problem. ''Bo Diddley was trying to get Charlie Watts, the drummer, to do the Bo Diddley beat (the famous dum-da-dum-da-dum/da dum-dum that's launched countless songs). Bo went up behind Charlie Watts on the drum kit, he held both of his hands from the back and he said,''Come on. Like this.'' Watts, initially clumsy, finally picked up the beat. Diddley gradually took his hands away. ''OK. Hold that. Keep going on that,'' Andrews said, quoting Diddley. ''And he ran back to the vocal mike and carried on singing, and we recorded it.'' After the session, the Stones recorded four songs of their own ¯ the first music the band did for the service.

Recently, the BBC claims, it has located some of the famed ''lost'' tapes in its archives. Now starts the arduous rights-clearance process. It's not easy many of the bands captured on taperecorded for companies that no longer exist. Still, the BBC does hold the copyrights on those performances. If more works do surface, the music will be a treasure trove, as witnessed by Andrews' list of sessions. ''The only pop artists that I didn't work with were Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan and the Doors,'' says Andrews. The lost ''stuff,'' as Griffin cryptically puts it, ''could be found in all sorts of places. . . . But it's going to be a bit of a difficult situation, I would think, until it's all sorted out.''



Just like his FIRST cd ''No Ordinary Music, his second cd ''One Impossiblity At The Time'' has been released in the Philippines . A European release is anticipated. Please take a look below for some pictures.