Tom Lewis with Phil & Don in 1989

Tom Lewis with Phil & Don during their Australian tour in 1989

From: Martial F. Bekkers, International EBI Co-ordinator

Hello everybody,

On May 5th our friend Tasso Matheas sent me an E-mail to inform us of the sad news of the death of Tom Lewis.I have asked Tasso to write about Tom and his importance for his family and for the Everly Brothers fan club world.

He immediately obliged and a few minutes ago we received his E-mail, written in a way I will never be able to write. Tasso has an EBI history of his own, Tom leaves an even much bigger history, a legacy behind. What can I add? We, EBI and I, owe such a lot to Tom as Tasso will explain. Tom passed away on the day when the Netherlands as a nation remembered the horror and the many people who lost their lives during World War II.It all annually accumulates in a moment of pure silence for two minutes at 8 o'clock PM. A really impressive tradition. 

Whenever there is a moment of silence and peace in your lives, please think of Tom for a few seconds. Thanks for your wonderful words, Tasso. This is from and for all of us and for you out there: 


'Dear Martial, EBI Members and all Everly Brothers fans around the World who communicate via the Internet. It's with great sadness that I report on the passing of  Tom Lewis on Friday 4th May 2001. 

Tom was one of Australia's biggest Everly Brother's fans and he was dedicated to promoting the "Music" and the "History" of their career! For many years Tom was involved with Everly Brothers Fan Clubs, including the UK fan club run by Sue Goodwin & Laura Williams. And of course, Tom was the Australian EBI Co-ordinator right up until his death. 

Tom would never miss an opportunity to promote the Everly boys and he was always willing to encourage "new" fans. He felt really good when another person had been converted, either through promotional leaflets, radio shows or meeting people face to face with his friendly & helpful manner! 

Tom was an original fan of Don & Phil, starting in 1957 and he was easily swayed by the great vocal harmony in  songs such as "Bye Bye Love", "Wake Up Little Susie" and probably one of his favourite Everly songs, "All I Have To Do Is Dream".  Tom was present at the first Everly Brothers tour of Australia in 1959 and from then on he never ever missed one Everly tour of the "Land Downunder". He witnessed the Everly "magic" in 1960, 1961, 1968,1971, 1985,1988 and their most recent tour during 1998!  During that time he saw the many changes in the music and direction of Don & Phil and as expected, Tom continued to be a "Loyal Fan". He enjoyed the sound of "Wings Of A Nightingale" just as much as "Bird Dog"! 

When Roger White, author of the book "Walk Right Back" sent out an S.O.S for material to include in his book, Tom Lewis immediately responded by sending an envelope full of Everly magazine articles, newspaper clippings, photos etc; without any questions asked, that's the kind of guy he was! 

Tom had met Don & Phil on many occasions and they, I'm sure, appreciated his many years of fan loyalty. We, his friends, will miss the kind, big-hearted, devoted Everly Brothers fan who always made time to share his many Everly stories.

Rest In Peace Tom, we have lost one of the true "originals"!  Our "Deepest Sympathy" goes to Tom's children, Donna, Tommy Jr. & Wendy.

I am forever grateful for the great friendship that I shared with Tom for over 16 years. We did many radio shows together promoting the" fantastic" post reunion Everly material. We attended all the post reunion concerts here in Melbourne and we had "fun" while enjoying the music. And as Tom would have said, "It's the Everly Brothers music that's the most important and nothing else"!  

You'll Never Be Forgotten Mate,

Your Friend, Tasso Matheas (former Australian EBI Co-ordinator)'