FanView 1999

VENUE : The Orleans Casino, Las Vegas, NV (November 9-14)
REVIEW BY : Marcy Aschenbrenner  

This was my first time seeing the Everlys since 1958 at the New York Paramount, so I was pretty excited. 

My husband and I  saw the show 4 times ( had to make up for lost time) and had front row center seats for 3 of them.  What a wonderful time!  They were all I had anticipated and more.  The band was great too.  The Nov. 14th show turned out to be their last performance of the century, which Don announced.  I'm sure they will continue into 2000 as wonderful as ever.

I was thrilled to meet them both (separately, of course) a couple of times before the shows.  They both signed my copy of "Walk Right Back" and posed for photos.  They were so accomodating and gracious--just as I had heard.  I'm looking forward to seeing them again in Atlantic City. My husband was not exactly a fan before our trip, but is definitely one now after seeing them. 

VENUE : The Orleans Casino, Las Vegas, NV (November 9 & 10)
REVIEW BY : Lois McGee

Don & Phil are better than ever !  

I was fortunate to attend opening night & the following night at the Orleans in Vegas.  First night I was on Phil's side in the 6th row and second on Don's side, 3rd row.  It was fantastic. 

The boys harmonies were absolutely mesmerizing.  The performance lasted 1hr & 15 min. and every moment was filled with  that quality that only Don & Phil could achieve.  Don's anecdotes mustered response from the crowd and the audience participated in singing "Bye, Bye, Love".  The "deadly medley" was  a tear-jerker.  I just wish they would sing  every song completely through.  Just about the time I was swooning over one they'd switch to another and I'd swoon again.  

They continue to delight the audience with their wonderful harmonies which, I think, have only become better over the years.  For being in their "extreme late forties" they sound mellow and behave on stage as energetically as they did many years ago.   It was a wonderful experiece, one of which I hope I will enjoy again very soon.  Don & Phil, don't ever retire.  You give too much joy to your fans to stop doing what you do best---beautiful harmony.

VENUE : Riverside Hotel, Laughlin, NV (November 4-7)
REVIEW BY : J. Markham

The place was packed.  They came out and sang and sang and sang.  The stopped singing long enough to introduce themselves and the band and say "Now we're going to sing..."  What a great show. 

The other people at the table were our age, 50's and early 60's.  We were all enthralled.  The best part was when the band took a break and Phil and Don sang Blues to their accoustical guitars and a mandolin.   The band was great, too, but too loud. 

I think the Brothers are better than ever.

VENUE : Riverside Hotel, Laughlin, NV (November 7th)
REVIEW BY : Ethel Schippers

I had the pleasure of seeing Don & Phil in Laughlin ll/7/99 at the Riverside Casino.  It was terrific!  Don & Phil have always mesmerized me with their harmony since the teen years in the fifties. 

Their performance far surpassed my expectations....having had the privilege of traveling into mature mid-life, I'm certainly not as bouncy as I was in 1959 & thought perhaps some of their vitality may have taken a dip...but actually they sounded better and the modifications made to some of their old hits was a plus.  The daughter of my "date" is a friend of the daughter of one of the Everly Brothers.  I met Stacy once but can't remember which brother is her dad.  At any rate I'm ready to find a recently released CD with some of the songs I heard at the concert....the country blues segment was wonderful!

VENUE : Riverside Hotel, Laughlin, NV (November 7th)
REVIEW BY : Jack & Janet Hughes

We're just back from LAUGHLIN,NEVADA where we had the pleasure of sitting front-table-center at Sunday 7 November's EBs performance at DON LAUGHLIN'S CELEBRITY THEATRE. They sold out all four days.

There's nothing like them and never will be! ALBERT LEE was in attendance and worked his "MAGIC" as usual. The rest of the group were also fabulous. Standing ovations all 'round. Had a chance to talk to ALBERT later in the Casino much to JANET'S pleasure. (They both come from EAST LONDON) ALBERT said thay never did recover his Mandolin (as well as DON'S guitar) stolen in GRANTS, NEW MEXICO. Too bad!


VENUE : Harrah's Casino, Lake Tahoe, NV (October 10th)
REVIEW BY : Barbara Coffey

Some thoughts from a lifelong fan...

I have seen D & P approximately once a year since September, 1985 - that  first time was also at Harrah's Lake Tahoe.  The show is an absolute thrill every time - I get transported to Utopia every time. It's virtually the same show, same band, but I get that same feeling and I always want to come back for more.

The thrill really starts for me when I see Albert Lee walk out on stage in the dark during the intro.  I have been fortunate that he has appeared every time I have seen the show - I always try to psych myself up to not expect him to be there - but when he shows up, followed by, YES! Buddy Emmons, and YES! Pete Wingfield, then I know I will get that fantastic show and that fantastic feeling one more time.  Of course, Don and Phil always deliver those harmonies that are incomparable, but they do also have "the best band in captivity" and put it all together and you have real entertainment.

There are many special moments in the show, and the order of songs is designed to make the energy build.  It only lasts one hour and fifteen minutes - but what a satisfying slice of life!  There is one note, one note, mind you that Buddy Emmons plays on the pedal steel guitar near the beginning of "Crying in the Rain" that will make you swoon. Everybody just said, "aaahhh" because that elongated note was just soooo pretty.  The songs Don and Phil do with Albert backing them up on mandolin are mesmerizing - then with the band slowing chiming in at the end. There are a couple of songs they do that are not my favorites, however they do showcase the awesome band - one is "T for Texas", and the other (forgive me) is "Lucille".  These are both high energy and clap along songs, just not my personal favorites.  But, then, you get to see Pete Wingfield's hands literally bounce off the keyboard, and all the musicians get to show their stuff.

The only minor disappointment is that they always abbreviate "Devoted to You" (one of my all time favorite songs) drastically in their "deadly medley".  I would also like to hear "Bird Dog" once in awhile, and especially "Why Worry". Don and Phil sounded great, Sunday night, as always, when they sang together.  When Don spoke, and when he sang solo, he sounded a little hoarse.  I know the altitude at Lake Tahoe, along with very dry air, must affect their voices and lungs.  Plus this was the last night of the 4 night engagement.  I really enjoy watching how they really seem to be enjoying themselves.  It's fun to watch Phil horsing around a little with the band - you'd think they'd get tired of doing those songs, but as it has been said many times, it all still sounds fresh.

Lately people have been mentioning how "trim" Don looks.  Last year when I saw the EBs in Las Vegas, I was more startled at how different his face looks - and my money says plastic surgery was involved (ed. yep, so is ours) .  This is not meant to be disparaging in any way - it's just that many people have noted that Phil looks older - the way I see it is that Don just looks suddenly younger, and those chubby cheeks he always had are just plain gone.

We are all getting older, I just feel blessed that I can still experience the magic the Everly Brothers conjure up.

VENUE : Harrah's Casino, Lake Tahoe, NV (October 8th)
REVIEW BY : Marilyn & Thomas Mooneyham

We saw the Everly Brothers October 8, 1999 in Tahoe. (The last time I felt this kind of excitement was August 23, 1964 at my first Beatle concert!)  They were WONDERFUL!!! We were in the 5th row, center--excellent seats.

They played all of my favorite songs, some were in  medley style. The backup band was superb and I was especially impressed with the drummer in "Cathy's Clown"--it was EXACTLY like the original recording!! One thing I noticed, maybe it was because we were sitting so close--it was TOO LOUD!!  The room wasn't THAT large, and it would have been more comfortable on the ears if they didn't blast us. They did a few songs "unplugged" and those were our favorite.

Don has trimmed down and looked  great. We enjoyed his chit-chat between songs. One medley was called "the deadly medley" and the other was introduced as "sad songs" but I REALLY have to argue about one-----"Let it be me" didn't belong in the SAD catagory (ed. That's right and neither does Devoted To You) !!! I would have loved to hear them sing that all the way through!

We noticed signs posted banning cameras and we honored this, but there were a few flashes going off during the show and I was sorry I didn't get to take some terrific pictures from our great seats. We are already planning to see them again, next time we'll bring ear plugs if it gets too loud, because we LOVED being so close to them.

The show lasted about  an hour and a half--they left the stage once and had the back up muscians play a couple of songs, but we really only wanted to see Don and Phil!! I guess they needed a break. After being a fan for about 40 years,(I was a mere child of 9) I can say I was NOT disappointed--they have not lost their edge and I hope they will continue singing for many years to come!


VENUE : The Palace Theater, Myrtle Beach, SC (August 1st)
REVIEW BY : Harold Smith, Greenville,SC

Well, after waiting 41 years to actually see them live and in person doing a concert, I finally got the chance. I never had the chance before, because Don and Phil were never in the area.

But last Sunday night I got the experience of a lifetime, when I saw them in concert at Myrtle Beach South Carolina, at the Palace Theater. Not only was it and excellent concert, even better than I thought it would be after driving four hours, but it was terrific to see the two of them in such great looking shape. They are timeless, must be taking the Dick Clark pills!

My wife and Daughter went with me and we all enjoyed the show. It was just the best thing I have seen in years, a class act with world class performers. I would have paid three times the amount to have seen them (ed. I suppose that could be arranged............). They are terrific 41 years later!!!

I only wish I could have spoken to them or gotten an autograph. That would have been a delight. But they were tired after the performance and I am sure they needed to go sit down as they were up moving and singing for about an hour and a half. But they moved like it was 1960!!!

A great performance by the great Everly brothers.

VENUE : The Silver Legacy, Reno, NV (May 30th)
REVIEW BY : Larry from Silver Springs

Saw Don and Phil at the Silver Legacy in Reno on May 30th. I grew up on their music and I must say I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!!!!!

My wife and I enjoyed their show very much. Would love to see them again. I've waited a lifetime to see them and used their 1983 reunion taped from tv in London as a yardstick. The extra years showed.....but then so do mine. Their music was great, their back-up was excellent. Among the back-ups were Jaime Hartford, John's son. WHAT A SINGER AND GUITAR PLAYER he is!!!!!!!!

Bottom line is .......if you get a chance to see them and you don't......... you missed a great one.

VENUE : The Silver Legacy, Reno, NV (May 30th)
REVIEW BY : Anita Allen

Last night I saw Phil and Don perform in Reno....I have sung along with all my old 45's for many years to the songs they refered to as their "Deadly medley"....but nothing can explain the feelings I experienced actually being able to hear and sing along with them in person !

I just had to take advantage of this opportunity to let them know that the music and blending of their voices will remain indelibly imprinted in my heart and mind for the years yet to come. Thank you both for a gift you are not even aware you gave to a 53 year old woman.... who as a girl, clipped your pictures from a modern screen magazine and hung them in her bedroom....never imagining that one day she would be able to close her eyes and hear you singing in the same room !

You looked wonderful and were absolutely everything I imagined you would be....god bless and keep you both healthy, happy and singing for many years to come !

VENUE : Fox Theatre, Stockton, CA (May 28th)
REVIEW BY : Richard Sparman

On Friday May 28, 1999 the Everly Brothers played at the Fox Theatre in Stockton, California. After playing the first songs of the concert Phil (ed. surely must have been Don) remarked, "It sure is nice to be here at the Fox Thee-ay-ter." "We've never been here, it's a first for us. And that's unusual."

The crowd at the Fox amounted to about 1350. People of all ages were in attendance. Don and Phil played for about 75 minutes and performed 20 songs. Their set was identical to Peter Jesperson's review. I guess we got lucky, I only paid $35.00 per ticket. It was the first time my wife and I had seen them perform. Both being in our late 40's we,ve been life time fans and always loved their music. I was still a fan through their "Stories we could tell" period. The show was very satifying overall. They performed the songs very well and Don kept the showing rolling well with his funny lines and rememberances.

The Stockton Record did a real nice review on the Everly's show in the Sunday edition of their newspaper (ed. check out the Official Review section for that one !) . I'd recommend their concerts to anyone.

VENUE : Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ (May 16th)
REVIEW BY : Lou Ashby

I'll preface the review with a bit of personal history so that you'll know where I'm coming from. My family shared a fence with the grandparents of the brothers. Summers when Ike and Margaret joined the state fair tour the kids (Don and Phil) were left in the care of Grandpa and Grandma Everly. (Yes, they were singing even then.) They sat on sawhorses in the back yard and picked and sang for hours at a time.

The concert. It was wonderful. Inasmuch as the last time I saw them live was over 40 years ago, I was pleasantly surprised that the voices are still the same. Don has put on a bunch of weight (so have I) and none of us are getting any younger. They opened with a medley of songs about our old part of the world -- "Green River", "Kentucy", and "Bowling Green". It was all uphill from there -- "Let It Be Me" brought tears to my eyes, "Lucille" had the whole audience rocking, lots of audience sing-along with "Bye-Bye Love" and "Wake Up Little Susie".

We enjoyed it so much (my wife and I) that we're considering a trip to the Central City Reunion. I haven't taken a vacation in several years and the heat in Phoenix is still miserable in early September; so why not?

VENUE : The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA (May 15th)
REVIEW BY : Peter Jesperson

This place was a little bigger. Maybe 1,000 people. It was the same set, but there was much more enthusiasm from the crowd, woman were screaming, lots of whistling and hooting after songs.

We all loved it. Phil & Don looked happier, they were singing great, the crowd knew it and responded appropriately.

Highlights tonight were outstanding versions of "Crying In The Rain" and "Devoted To You."

VENUE : The Galaxy Theatre, Santa Ana, CA (May 14th)
REVIEW BY : Jerry Lee

I'd like to add to the earlier reviews how great I thought the Galaxy Theatre performance was last Friday night. My wife, daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was the first time any of us had seen the Everlys, though I worked as a radio d.j. for many years in the '50s and '60s and played their records on stations in LA, Cleveland, Houston, St. Louis and others. Don and Phil are, as I'm sure all of you know, now 62 and 60, but they sound just like they did in those early Cadence recordings when they are 20! There's nothing like congentital vocal harmonies!

My wife and I are about their age and our daughter is 31. We all loved the show. I noticed many other two-generation families in the crowd. I'm a guitar player and not only was blown away by Albert Lee's amazing playing, but also Don's! He did a very special intro that started as almost a baroque/classical little riff that after about 30 seconds segued into...guess what? "Wake Up Little Susie." A real musical surprise! No one would have guessed what song was coming.

Buddy Emmons was also fantastic on steel guitar. He is probably one of the top 5 or 6 steel players in the business. I believe the instrumental he and Albert Lee did was the old western swing hit by Bing Crosby back in the late '40s, "I'll Make The San Fernando Valley My Home."Albert Lee is considered one of the "masters of the Telecaster" and was really on. I hope he and Emmons are on the rest of the tour. Emmons, by the way, basically invented the pedal steel guitar. He was playing an Emmons, naturally. For guitar buffs, Don and Phil were, of course, playing ebony-finished Gibson Everly Brothers models. Albert Lee was playing an Ernie Ball "Albert Lee" model Tele/Strat. So everyone was playing their own endorsed model!

There were only two songs I wish they had done: "Walk Right Back" and "Bird Dog." Other than those, I think they covered all of their major hits.

VENUE : The Galaxy Theatre, Santa Ana, CA (May 14th)
REVIEW BY : Peter Jesperson

I thought you might like to see what The Everly Brothers did their first two nights: I would guess the room holds 7 to 800 people. They went on at 9:00 and played one hour and fifteen minutes including the encore.

Green River/Kentucky/Bowling Green a medley
So Sad
Crying In The Rain
When Will I Be Loved
Devoted To You/Love Hurts/I Wonder If I Care As Much... medley
Bye Bye Love
All I Have To Do Is Dream

here Phil and Don left the stage for a few minutes while the band did a couple numbers... an instrumental and one with an Albert Lee vocal
(probably Long Time Gone on this spot but the author didn't mention it)
Blues Stay Away From Me
Till I Kissed You
Cathy's Clown
Wake Up Little Susie
Let It Be Me

encore T For Texas

They sang well. They joked about this being "opening night" of the 1999 tour and that what we were seeing was actually "a rehearsal." Albert Lee on guitar, Buddy Emmons on pedal steel, Tony Newman on drums, a red-haired Englishman whose name I didn't catch on bass and a piano player by the name of Bob - I didn't catch his last name.

The set seemed a little short considering tickets were fifty dollars but it sure was great. The highlight for me was "Blues Stay Away From Me" which Don introduced as an old Delmore Brothers song. It started with just Don and Phil, the band joined in after two verses.

VENUE : The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA (May 15th)
REVIEW BY : Peter Jesperson

This place was a little bigger. Maybe 1,000 people. It was the same set, but there was much more enthusiasm from the crowd, woman were screaming, lots of whistling and hooting after songs.

We all loved it. Phil & Don looked happier, they were singing great, the crowd knew it and responded appropriately.

Highlights tonight were outstanding versions of "Crying In The Rain" and "Devoted To You."