VENUE : Horseshoe Casino, Shreveport, LA (December 7-8)
: Lois McGee

Took the 3 hr. drive to Shreveport last week for another wonderful evening with The Everly Brothers.  The Horseshoe Casino was the setting and the Riverdome was packed with an enthusiastic crowd.

Had debated whether to go, but when I called to see if any tickets were available I found out I had 2 complimentary tickets to the show so off I went!!  The boys were wonderful (as usual).  The show was the same and all the band was in place, including Albert Lee.  There were many standing in the aisles and lots of applauding during every intro.  THIS crowd were Everly fans!  The boys seemed to realize this and hammed it up some.  Don did his usual routine about those who hated rock & roll & those folks being gone now.  Got lots of chuckles on that one!

The performance lasted around 1hr and 15 min.  They included my favorite "deadly meadley" ( had not done this at Lone Star Park performance) and of course the awesome Let It Be Me.

Just a reminder for everyone.  Get to any show you can.  YOU KNOW IT WILL BE GREAT!!!!!!!!

VENUE : Orleans Casino, Las Vegas, NV (October 27/28)
: Elsie Lee

What a marvelous time in Las Vegas !

I was able to see the Friday and Saturday night concerts and can honestly say Don and Phil are sounding as wonderful as ever !  They appeared to be good spirits.   Both were suffering a bit from the after affects of their cold and sore throats.    I noticed this especially with Phil's harmony parts. We only managed brief glimpses of them during the time we were in Vegas, although one member of our group managed to spot Phil putting a few coins in the slot machines !

The song line-up for the show has not changed much, but they've added "Walk Right Back" as a second encore (one verse).    I didn't notice this last year but I could be wrong about this. Cute moment during "Wake Up Little Susie".     Don sang the second verse first and confused Phil.    Not sure if he even noticed this, but they had to
instantly change the tempo of the song in order to finish it ! (Note: probably no one noticed it except for the dozen members of our group.)

Phil spoke a line!  He hardly ever talks but did manage to get in one comment.   Don was talking about "headlining" at the Sands in '65 and Phil corrected this to say they were in the "lounge".     It's always a surprise
to hear Phil talk during the show. 

Some of the online buddies are still in Vegas for the last show and some are enroute home.    The concerts were the main reason for going to Las Vegas but having friends to share the experience made it extra special for me.

VENUE : Paramount Theatre, Denver, CO (October 14)
: Sharon Giebler

Just made it back from Denver, Co where the Every Brothers played at the Paramount Theater.  The concert was at 8:00.  The theater was sold out. Not an empty seat anywhere.  The performance was awesome. This is the 3rd time I've seen them in concert.

They started out with the Kentucky songs, Bye Bye Love, did some blues tunes, songs our daddy taught us.  When "Wake Up Little Souse" was performed the crowd went wild.  Everyone was singing, clapping, waving, whistling and making a racket.  It was just great. The boys looked the best I've ever seen them.  I think even better than in Las Vegas.  The performance was about an hour and 20 minutes.  Naturally they were
dressed in black.

We were told not to take any pictures during the concert.  But after a few minutes into the concert, the cameras started to flash. So I decided to take a few pictures myself.  It was pretty dark, so don't know if they will take or not.  The band sounded terrific, and Albert Lee even sang a song with them.

After the concert, the boys left immediately.  We tried to see them, but all we could see was the bus leaving with the boys on it.  That was a disappointment, because we really would of liked an autograph or a wave or something.  It would be great if they would take the time to greet their fans.

It was a trip well worth the 5 hour drive.  Hopefully, I will be fortunate to see them again.

VENUE : HorseShoe Casino, Robinsonville, MS (September 7-8)
: Barb Harlow

The Horseshoe Casino............

Phil C.For months I'd been following the tour schedule for The Everly Brothers and hoping that someday, they would be coming to an arena nearby.  "Nearby", when associated with such distinguished legends, could be within a 300 or so mile radius of home!!  FINALLY, there was the announcement!  The idols of my teen years, the epitome of HARMONY, were coming to The Horseshoe Casino - only 100 miles from my hometown near Tupelo, MS.!  A friend and I made a special trip to the Horseshoe to purchase tickets, fearing there would be an immediateDon E. sell-out.  Finally, the big night!!  Camera in purse, ready to capture the 'dream of a lifetime' concert on film.  While waiting in line for the doors to open, a guard appeared and said he would Pete W.  like to make an announcement -- "There will be NO picture-taking!!  If you have a camera of any kind, and if you take a picture, I might just be using YOUR camera to take pictures of MY grandkids tomorrow morning!!".  What a disappointment!!  But, if that's the way they prefer it, okay.  Once inside, and WITH that 'dreamed-of' front-row seat, we engaged in conversation with the very nice security guard at the stage, and asked him about taking photo's.He said "OF COURSE YOU MAY TAKE PICTURES!". He stated that the Everly Brothers management did not mind at all if photo's were taken.  Music to my ears!!! This news made the 45 minute or so wait a pleasure.  Finally, the lights dimmed, the crowd roared, and our wait was over!  The band took their places, then an even louder roar when Don and Phil walked onto the stage and took us back through the years with each and every song.  



Phil E.If they had suddenly stopped singing, I'm sure the audience would have finished the songs for them.  We knew all of the words by heart!  One song in particular, Don asked that we help sing and said he would tell us the words!  Well, needless to say, his efforts in telling us the words were wasted.  WE sang them before he finished the words!!  So, Don, in the future, just tell the audience what you want them to sing - believe me, we already know the words!!  What fun!  I can't leave without mentioning that fantastic band!  They could be referred to as "THE BEST OF THE BEST" among musicians!!  The famous Albert Lee on guitar; steel guitar at it's best by Buddy Emmons; Peter Wingfield, a magnificent (and fun to watch) keyboard player;  Phil Cranham on bass and Tony on drums!  Thank you, guys, for the beautiful music!!  That Everly harmony is still there after all these years.  What a wonderful evening that left everyone with a smile and a feeling of gratitude toward Phil and Don for continuing to give us the opportunity to see and hear them perform. 

Please come again!

VENUE : Homecoming XIII, Central City, KY (September 2)
: Ron Bratcher

Homecoming XIII

Homecoming XIII

VENUE : Hilton Casino Resort, Atlantic City, NJ (August 27)
: Rick Libert

Rushing back from a Midwestern vacation to attend the third and last in a series of late-summer Everlys’ concerts at the Atlantic City Hilton, I found myself seated at a front table with none other than Linda Everly, Phil and Don’s cousin, who was attending the concert with a group of fans from Wales.  This seemed a good omen.  So did the fact that, mercifully, there was no warm-up comedy routine as there had been for last spring’s Atlantic City concerts.  The band quietly took the stage while people were still filing into the Grand Theater, and the duo was introduced simply as “Phil and Don – the Everly Brothers.”

The spring concerts had been electrifying, and I was eagerly expecting a repeat performance.  I was not disappointed.  The sound was a bit shaky at first, Phil’s vocals being all but drowned out during the opening medley (“Green River,” “Kentucky” and “Bowling Green”), but, fortunately, this was smoothed out in time for “So Sad (To See Good Love Go Bad)” and the remaining numbers.  As always, Don did all the introductions, but Phil seemed unusually lively on Sunday, graciously acknowledging the audience, whirling around during the rock and roll numbers, and frequently grinning from ear to ear like a schoolboy.

The Everlys’ set is pretty much cast in stone these days, forming an exhilarating yet predictable journey through greatest hits, crowd pleasers and slightly more obscure works.  The obvious advantage here is that these are songs that have been honed to meticulous perfection over the course of three, four, even five decades, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a more polished stage act.  It’s no secret either that the current, country-flavored Everlys’ band is one of the best in the business, featuring Pete Wingfield on keyboards (he’s worked with Paul McCartney and was by leaps and bounds the star of the evening on Sunday), Albert Lee (currently with Bill Wyman) on lead guitar, and Buddy Emmons – a true veteran on pedal steel guitar, having appeared at the Grand Ole Opry before the teenaged Phil and Don ever set foot in Nashville.  Joining them this time around were relative newcomers Phil Crown on bass and Tony Newman on drums.

“So Sad” was followed by “Claudette,” Carole King’s “Crying in the Rain” and Phil’s “When Will I Be Loved.”  Nowadays, the boys squeeze “Devoted to You,” “Love Hurts” and “I Wonder if I Care as Much” into their “Deadly Medley,” which results in a too-skimpy version of “Devoted,” my favorite- ever Everlys’ tune.  Don needlessly apologized for performing “too many sad songs”; by all appearances, these are among everyone’s favorites (although on Sunday, referring to “I Wonder if I Care as Much,” Don had to quip, “Anybody remember that one?  You couldn’t tell it from here”).  “Bye Bye Love” is the perfect sing-along follow-up to the “Deadly Medley,” and I was relieved to note that I wasn’t the only person at my table getting a bit teary during the megahit “All I Have to Do is Dream,” which closed out the first half of the evening.

Last spring, the band’s two solo numbers seemed underappreciated, but Sunday’s audience reacted enthusiastically to this chance for each of the band members to shine on his own.  Pete pounded the piano like a wild man, while Buddy served up his tasteful licks with typical finesse.  Just as was the case with the spring concerts, Phil and Don’s all-acoustic rendition of “Long Time Gone” and “Blues Stay Away From Me” – each featuring Albert Lee’s amazingly intricate, melodic mandolin licks – were audience favorites and, for me, the evening’s high point.  “Long Time Gone” seemed especially laid-back this time, the trio operating as smoothly as the well-oiled slot machines in the nearby casino.

Following this foray into country music past, it was time to rock and roll with “Till I Kissed Ya,” “Cathy’s Clown,” the ever-popular “Wake Up Little Susie” (the audience didn’t miss its cue to supply the “ooo laa laas”) and a rollicking “Lucille.”  Typically, the set closed with “Let It Be Me,” which Don announced as “our favorite ballad” (and, by appearances, the favorite of many audience members as well).  Following a standing ovation, graciously acknowledged by Don, the boys performed their “spontaneous” encore: Jimmy Rogers’ “T Is for Texas.”

It may come as a shock for those who haven’t seen the Everlys’ recent performances (but certainly not for die-hards like me) that the duo’s harmonies come across as smooth and flawless as they did in the ’50s and ’60s.  Nearly half a century of vocal blending apparently pays off.

VENUE : Hilton Casino Resort, Atlantic City, NJ (August 25)
: Judi Gemeinhardt (aka Judi Gamin)

In comparison to the Trump Plaza show in Atlantic City last year,  for the most part the show was, as always, very good but....I must say that the show I witnessed with approximately 2500 people on August 25, 2000, many of us die hard Everly fans, was the best darn show we have seen in long, long time. 

These men showed us what the word professional means as they entered the stage with a smooth rendition of Green River, went into Kentucky and finished with Bowling Green.  By this time the audience was more than warmed up. We could tell they were "together" today, something which is not always the case even though they are always very good.  The fact is that when you hear it, you know it immediately....and on Friday, August 25, 2000, they gave the best performance I have seen in all the years I have loved and listened to them. They're voices were clear and vibrant with Phil and Don in synch with each other; their timing and rhythm impeccable. They were smiling and playing to the audience as well as to each other.  They seemed happy, and it was more than obvious they were enjoying themselves tremendously, and that made the difference between a show that was just very good, and a show that was worth a standing ovation for several minutes. 

After Don's Greeting to the audience, they went into So Sad, and as they slowly led into Claudette the lighting suddenly became bright orange; a dramatic setting to say the least.  Don quickly went into the story of how the song came about as the lights began to fade to red then green.   The venue was varied with ballads, blues, rock and roll, etc and the production of this show was superb.Of course, a sad song deserves the proper lighting and so blue lights enveloped the stage as Crying in the Rain silenced the audience. Suddenly without warning a change in tempo; a heavy beat on the drums, with a forceful strumming of the bass guitar, as Don credited Phil with the  creation of When Will I Be Loved.   As they ended the song the audience was ecstatic.  The Everlys' were obviously pleased with this performance, and  we too, not only  knew it but felt it   It was awesome being in the same room with so much talent...both the Everlys' and the Band. 

Don next introduced his Deadly Medley which consisted of Devoted to You, Love Hurts, I Wonder If I Care As Much, and finished with Bye Bye Love with the audience joining in after which they took their break. Then Band took over, and took over indeed.  Buddy Emmons, Pete Wingfield, and Albert Lee stole the set....what a performance; one that will stay with us for a long time.  Returning from their break, the Everlys' did their Blues set of Long Time Gone, and an earthy blues number; Blues Stay Away From Me. The audience was absolutely silent as the boys showed their roots admirably.

Winding up the second half of the show was Till I Kissed You, and Cathy's Clown, with Don's lead in guitar licks to Wake Up Little Susie. Little did we know, they were priming us for their finale of Lucille with the boys in the band lined up with the Everlys like the Rockettes swinging their guitars back and forth...all I can say is ....FANTASTIC FINALE!!!

Of course their encore number was Let It Be Me and T For Texas.  Sadly, they disappeared as quickly as they came on stage, but it was a performance to remembeR; a performance this fan has waited for a long, long time.  This show was definitely worth seeing

VENUE : Turning Stone Casino, Verona, NY (August 23)
: Dolores Gleason

Excited is not the word--ecstatic, flying high, out-of-this-world, on cloud nine feeling would be more like it!!!!! What a he--double hockey sticks night it was!!!!

We got there around 7 pm and immediately went to the box office to pick up our tickets. The showroom doors opened at 7:15. By the way, the show was SOLD-OUT!!! Never had any doubt of them still being able to do that!!!!!

Anyway, go to our seats and I am anxiously awaiting for the show to start--talk about ants in the pants!!! LOL! Well, at just about 8:30 the lights dim and someone annouces the Everly Brothers. And they come striding out to the stage. OHMYGOD!!!-they are sooooo gorgeous!!! I am near tears of joy and happiness 'cause I am finally getting to see and hear them live--not on the radio, records, cassettes or even cds--live!!!  They start singing Green River, then Kentucky and Bowling Green. Don does most of the talking. Introduces himself and Phil--I'm still Don and he's still Phil which brought laughter and huge cheers and applause!!! Phil didn't do any talking at all.

Then they sang So Sad, Claudette, Crying in the Rain and then Don announced here's a song that Phil wrote, and of course that was When Will I Be loved! Man, they sing sooo effortlessly--they know when each one of them is going to be to hit those notes, I kept watching/studying each of their faces while singing the songs and they make it look sooo easy--man they are talented!!!!

Then they went into the Deadly Medley which everyone chuckled over the term!!! Devoted to You, Love Hurts, Bye Bye love, and of course Dream.

Then there was an intermission, where the band showcased their many talents. Albert Lee sang (sorry, I know know the name of the song, but it definitely was a good one--really jumping!!! Wouldn't mind a cd of him either. I'm not sure of all the band members names, all the regulars, Buddy Emmons on steel guitar, Albert Lee, etc. Don and Phil come back out and Don talks a little bit about Ike and how he was a coal miner working at 13, but managed to get into music and talked about their radio show and da boys being on it and then sang some songs their dad used to play on the porch of their home many years ago--Long Time Gone, Blues Stay Away (wasn't familiar with that one, but it was beautiful anyway) 

Then went into Till I kissed You, Cathy's Clown (Don, during this song,seemed like he forgot the words in the chorus, Phil looked at him surprised that that could happen--don't know if it was an honest goof or planned, but no one minded!

Then Wake-Up little Susie, where we were invited to sing-a-long by Don (if we knew the words!!!) yeah, right!!! as if I or anyone else in the 800 plus showroom didn't know the words. Of course, the audience gladly participated. Don also invited us to sing-a-long to When Will I be Loved, earlier in the show. Then they sang Lucille and then Don announced the next song was their most favorite ballad and that was Let it be me!!!! When they sang that, I knew that the show was going to be over soon, even though I wanted it to go on forever!!!! Sure enough, T for Texas was next and the last song. Albert Lee joined them at their dual microphone (on Phil's side) and sang with them!!!! When they were done, everyone was clapping wildly, and gave them a standing ovation and they thanked us, smiled, waved and were gone!!!


I can't wait till they come this way again, definitely gonna be there!!!!

VENUE : Melody Tent, Hyannis, MA (August 20)
: Gary & Nancy Blazis

My husband and I attended the Everly Brothers concert at the Cape Cod Melody Tent in Hyannis, MA, last night, August 20, 2000. They are superb performers, sang every song that was in our memories from the early days when my husband and I were going together — 41 years ago!!!  

Sure, we are all older however, their voices and harmonies rang so true — I could close my eyes and I was back in time. We can't say enough about being able to see and hear live the brothers together singing the songs that we all loved. 

I should also say that their backup band is so outstanding and talented and It seemed that Don and Phil appreciate them because they gave them time to show us their "stuff." 

Keep on singing, Don and Phil!!!

Still Dreamin'

For more than 40 years in love with each other and of course with the harmonies of Don & Phil !

VENUE : South Shore Music Circus, Cohasset, MA (August 19)
:  Mike Moran

This concert was a special experience for so many reasons.  For my wife, Pamela, and me, it was our 11th Everly Brothers show.  And the South Shore Music Circus is a great venue -- an "in-the-round" stage with seats quite close to the performers.  Before the show, Buddy Emmons and Pete Wingfield conversed with fans.

The performance itself was terrific, beginning with Green River and
Kentucky. The usual string of hits was included -- When Will I Be Loved, Cathy's  Clown, Claudette, Cryin' In the Rain, Wake Up Little Susie, All I Have to Do Is Dream, and al the others.  Bowling Green was a special treat, and it was  great to hear So Sad once again.

The boys seemed quite taken with the enthusiastic crowd.  Don stated that  this was the first show of a three week tour and that several band members  had just flown in from England to join them.  A special treat was the  "unplugged set" featuring Long Time Gone with Albert Lee on mandolin.  Don  also announced that his and Phil's Marine drill instructor, a Sergeant Clifford, was in the audience and that they hoped to meet with him after the show.

The show closed with Let It Be Me, T For Texas, and a brief but peppy Walk Right Back.  I have attached a photo I took of the guys walking from the dressing room to the stage.  I hope you enjoy it.

Don & Phil

Great shot Mike !

VENUE : South Shore Music Circus, Cohasset, MA (August 19)
: Claudette Brown

Last night I attended the first show on the Everly's current tour in Cohasset, MA. They started with a highly energetic version of GREEN RIVER that was maybe a little uneven but quickly righted themselves with a hauntingly beautiful version of KENTUCKY. From there on it was pure magic. 

At  one point I looked over the audience and saw an inordinate number of bald headed men and blue haired ladies with canes. I laughed to think how surprised their grandchildren would be to hear how much noise this crowd could make.I had brought my best friend and my daughter. Many of the others seemed to have done the same as I spotted what had to be at least 3 generations of Everly fans dotting the music tent. It was an outdoor concert and the audience was more then enthusiastic. I think we gave them a truly heartfelt show of our apppreciation for 40+ years of music and memories. 

The only disappoinment was that they performed nothing from their "new" albums but as my daughter reminded me it gave them more time for the "originals". Instead of just getting medlies we got the full version of all the most memorable hits and an unbelievably clear pure rendition of "I WONDER IF I CARE AS MUCH" which although not one of the big hits Don reminded us it was surely one of the important milestones for them. Don was amazed that we sang along softly with every word of it. They said it had been a pleasure performing for us but it could never  reflect the pleasure that they have given to us not only last night but all through the years. 

I have seen them five times since they reunited and it is always perfect. I had not gotten a chance to see them before they broke up even though I had been a fan from the beginning. It was always my biggest regret. When they got back together I swore I would not let this second chance go by. I was a bit afraid the night of the first show I was to see. I had built them up in my memory for so long. But it is impossible to be disappointed. You can never really remember how good they are. Your mind can not hold that pure tone they reproduce and the records are only a shadow of the real thing. 

When the show ended the only people making their way to the parking lot were chattering 16 year olds. The music was a fountain of youth  and I bet added 20 years to every one there last night.

VENUE : South Shore Music Circus, Cohasset, MA (August 19)
: Alan Ryder

I was fortunate enough to attend the excellent concert by the Everly Brothers on August 19 at the sold-out South Shore Music Circus in Cohasset, MA. Don and Phil took to the stage after a very fine opening act by the Kingston Trio. 

The Brothers began with Green River, Kentucky and Bowling Green. The first half of the show was devoted to ballads such as All I Have To Do Is Dream, Devoted to You, So Sad, etc. The band-the usual fine aggregation led by Albert Lee and featuring Buddy Emmons and Pete Wingfield-played mid-show, featuring a nice rendition of Restless. When Don and Phil returned to the stage, they did their lovely rendition of Blues Stay Away From Me. This was swiftly followed by a rocking Lucille, Cathy's Clown, Wake Up Little Susie, and Bye Bye Love. The encores were T for Texas and Walk Right Back. 

Don appears to have lost quite a bit of weight. He was resplendent in western style jacket with red accents. He said this was the first show of a three-week tour. They certainly kicked it off in fine style. The audience was enthusiastic throughout the 75-minute concert in Cohasset, which is a gorgeous seaside community. A wonderful time was had by all !

VENUE : Orange County Fair, Costa Mesa, CA (July 18)
:  Mary Rightler

The Everly Brothers appeared at the Orange County Fair Tuesday night here in Costa Mesa, CA, which happens to be about 20 miles away from Knott's Berry Farm. They performed two shows, at 7:00 and 9:00 pm.  I went to the first show. The first good sign was when I showed up outside the outdoor venue at about 5:15 to check out the seating arrangement etc., through the chain link fence I saw Albert Lee on the stage wearing jeans and a T-shirt with his mandolin doing sound checks. I was pleased to see that he would be performing.  The second good thing was when I did enter at about 6:15 the entrance wasn't jammed with senior citizens getting their walkers all tangled up.  The audience waspredominantly young their 50's.  (They open the gate at a given time and then its every dog for themselves, no seat assignments.) I behaved, I didn't push or shove very much.  I did whine a little about the sun being in my eyes though, then decided not to act like those senior citizens I was happy not to see there complaining about things like the sun being in their eyes.  I realized I had never seen the Everlys perform in the daylight before, except in Central City. I'm pleased to report that the place filled up, SRO!  The amphitheater
holds 3500 I was told.  I'm sure the Everlys were pleased too, especially to see all us youngsters in our 50's out there. 

When they came onstage, the audience was very receptive, of course, and Don spoke for a minute about how many, many, many county fair dates they have done over the years, naming some of the states, recalling working with their parents, touring, talked a bit about Mr. Obbie Doobie, Roy Orbison, hence Claudette, and how small rock and roll was then when they all used to appear on the same show.  He mentioned that this was their first county fair date this year. (and last?)  The sun was in their eyes a bit too, but they didn't complain either.

Phil has a new costume!  Or part of one anyway.  He wore a black (of course) short sleeve shirt with two large silver embroidered guitars where the pockets would go.  Black pants and those cool black and white shoes completed his attire.  Don wore his black suit with blue piping. The rest of the band also wore black, so they all looked very sharp up there together.  And hot!  Don greeted everyone by saying "Good Afternoon!" Don's speaking voice sounded a little raspy, but they both sounded normal when they sang.  Don said 'its nice to be here in California, we're from Kentucky and we sing songs for a living.' The sound wasn't wonderful, but I suppose there is only so much they can do for an outdoor show, I don't know.  One problem I kept hearing throughout was the mic near Don and Phil didn't pick up the sound of their acoustic guitars right.  When they would strum hard, it sounded like a big CLANG, and I know that wasn't right.  But they didn't seem to mind. 

The band and Don and Phil were very at ease with each other and the audience, laughing when they messed up the lyrics to Claudette, didn't step off right, per usual, for the Lucille leg kick routine, glancing at each other and smiling when one didn't hit the right chord or something that they noticed but nobody else did.  Don did his intro to Wake Up, but a slightly different version.   Don made his usual comment about the 'records with big holes in the middle, and how rock and roll wasn't supposed to last but it was still here and those who wanted it gone were now gone, and if they didn't like what it was then, just look at what we've got now!'

I expected that they would probably shorten their show, especially given they had two shows to do, and they did shorten it a bit.  It  ran 55 minutes.  They dispensed with the 'deadly medley' and 'Long Time Gone' and played only 'Blues Stay Away'.  The band did not leave the stage, everyone kept their places for the duration.  Also, Albert Lee did not play the mandolin he was using during the sound check, and the 'Blues' song sounded very different as a result.  Different to me, but not to the others I'm sure.There was another feature with this show I had not seen before. A woman signed the entire show!  She was dressed like the security guards were, and was standing on a platform below Phil and Pete, not on the floor level, but not on stage either. She looked like a person who just wandered up near the stage and thought 'Here's a good place to watch the show, I'll just stand here and groove to the music.'  Pete would look over at her once in a while with a puzzled look and then kept on pounding.  Are there many hearing impaired persons who attend concerts? Maybe, I don't know.  Or maybe that's why they are hearing impaired, too many concerts??

I was trying to watch Don and Phil's hands as they played their guitars.  Its pretty easy to watch Don, but have you ever noticed that Phil doesn't very often stand still?  As usual he was stepping back and forth, twirling, moving his guitar around all over the place, so I wasn't able to concentrate on Phil's hands very much.  He didn't talk, but he sure did move.  Anyway, they sounded good and looked good, no major deviations from their show these days, but it was good to see them and hear them.  Didn't stay for the second show.  Work the next morning beckoned.  Lame excuse, I know.  50 isn't 80 but it isn't 20 either! 

P.S.  The AutoCorrect feature on my Word program questions the word 'Everly' and offers as possible replacement/corrections the words 'Every' 'Evenly' 'Overly' or 'Beverly'.  Just for fun, if you have those red squiggly lines under every 'Everly', you can left-click on one and change every Everly to Beverly with just one click.  The Beverly Brothers!  Just doesn't seem right somehow.

VENUE : Orange County Fair, Costa Mesa, CA (July 18)
:  Kathy Paskwietz

The Everly Brothers performed two shows last night in an open-air amphitheater at the Orange County Fair in California, USA.  We got in (the very long) line two hours before the first showtime, and they managed to pack the stadium with 8,000 people.  We would have stayed for the late show, but there was an equally long line of fans waiting to see that show too.  

The boys were sweet and charming and very relaxed.  The audience sang along on every song, and it was a good, high-energy evening.  I saw them last year (5.14.99) in a small, intimate dinner-show setting, which was the first performance of their 1999 season.  That was also a very good show, the boys being in high spirits, and having all their family members in the audience.  I need to see them enjoying themselves, because I always worry so.  I was at  Knott's Berry Farm the day they had their on-stage fight and their resultant separation.  I missed the actual fight during the first performance, while I was taking my kids on the rides.  But we were there for the Everly Brother (one brother -- Phil) concert later in the day.  I didn't enjoy that long dry spell without seeing my favorite duo together. 

Saw an interesting thing at the concert last night.  There was a woman on stage signing the lyrics for the deaf audience members, as she swayed with the rhythm of each song.  That was a nice touch.  I saw children watching her and trying to imitate her American Sign Language, and actually picking up some of it during the refrains.  Do you imagine the Everlys provided her?

VENUE : Orleans Casino, Las Vegas, NV (July 14)
: Ron Wyse

The Orleans theater was a sold out audience. I estimated the group to be performing for 600 people. The audience in general ranged from 40 to 65 years old, but there was alot of hollering and noise from the audience that expressed to the Everly's that they were greatly appreciated and loved by all of the concert goers. The sound system was perfect and the band led by Albert Lee on guitar enhanced the music behind the Everly's voices. Yes Everly fans, you can guess what they played. ALL OF THEIR HITS! 

At times you could not help but sing along or think about your own life and the memories that went along with their songs stimulating your senses. I forgot that I was 48 and for 1 and 1/2 hours, I felt like crying in the rain, or thinking about when will I be loved, or feeling so sad, or dating and asking lucille, 'til I kissed you..................all of the hits took everyone down memory lane. What a show and for those who have never seen the Brothers, you are missing the true icons of music. They are unbelievable and better than ever.

The Orleans - July 14th 2000

Don and Phil's harmonies were crisp and clear, they never missed a note and showed the audience that they are better than ever. The concert lasted 90 minutes. Don and Phil shared a single microphone stand with two split mics. Don was the story teller and between songs told short stories from begining with their parents on radio and then singing a bluegrass song, to stories of their lives and then playing such songs as bye bye love. After several hits Don said that the next few songs were going to be 'depressing' and 'sad', so lets get them out of the way, and they went on to play a few slow ballads. Don joked about several musicians and singers who are not with us anymore and that they are still playing and enjoying a music career. 

The Orleans - July 14th 2000

Both were dressed in black and Don's coat had red cowboy style trim lines. They both were playing Robert Steinegger Everly Guitars. Dons is amplified with a soundhole pickup, and phils is not amplified. Phil is a fantastic guitar player, but tends to not be heard unless they are doing a totally acoustic song. Phil and Don were at their best when they both sang together. Both were great alone, but the combined harmonies from their voices joined as one singing song bird when they sang together.

VENUE : Orleans Casino, Las Vegas, NV (July 13)
: Jim & Kathie Hardy

We were privileged to see Don and Phil last night (7/13) in Las Vegas at The Orleans showroom.  To say they were fabulous, fantastic, and incredible doesn't quite explain it; to say they were legendary just about covers it. What a great show!  

Though they were on stage for an hour and 15 minutes, it seemed much too short a time.  The show was sold out and the audience loved each and every song.  It was standing ovation time over and over again.We haven't seen them in person since 1964 and they were certainly as good or even better than ever.  Their band is absolutely the best.  I hope all the fans get to see them this year.  They are terrific!

VENUE : Harrah's Casino, Lake Tahoe, NV (June 30)
: Joe & Fitzi  Waters

Harrahs' Lake Tahoe like the Orleans in Las Vegas was another great time with THE BOYS. Although it was the same show  that Fitzi & I have seen since "98" it was still Don & Phil and I might add in great voice.  They don't get older they get better.  

As most others who have seen them recently agree the BLUES portion of the sow is still a highlight, yes I'm the guy that always cries out for them to do an album of the blues and yes I'm the same guy who always yells out "long live Alan Freed" when Don says "and they said it wouldn't last".  Again  Don & Phil and your great group of musicans even without "Albert Lee"  thanks for a great evening of  music and memories.

VENUE : Harrah's Casino, Lake Tahoe, NV (June 29 - July 2)
: Brigitte Pelner

So what can I say about the show? We had great seats in the front row, slightly left of center (on Phil's side!). In this theater, the South Shore Room in Harrah's, the first row is set up right against the front of the stage because the drink holders are actually attached to the front of the stage. So the view could not have been better or closer. What killed me was that the two seats front and center remained empty for the entire show. What a waste! I wonder if those seats were intended for the two wives but they decided not to show up. 

It was the same show as last year, as I remember, lasting about an hour. Same opening Kentucky songs ("Green River," "Kentucky," "Bowling Green"), after which Don greeted the audience and jokingly said he and Phil were from Kentucky. They sang all the same songs they've been singing the past few years, and beautifully of course. The audience seemed very happy to hear thehits they remembered; they applauded especially at the beginning of "Bye Bye Love," "Wake Up Little Susie," and especially "All I Have to Do Is Dream." I have to admit I was a bit disappointed that Don didn't do his now-famous long intro to "Susie"; he started to play it, but then stopped after the first couple of bars, and went right into the regular intro and the song. I have a feeling his wrist might still be giving him some trouble after his injury last year.

The fun thing about being so close was that we could hear comments that we might not have heard farther back, especially from Phil who was a bit more talkative than usual. He seemed to be feeling good and enjoying himself. After one of the more rockin' songs (and now I can't remember which), he was sweating and looking pretty tired. So when the band started playing the beginning of the next song (again, I don't remember which one, sorry!)--it was a song that featured Don at the start--Phil turned around and said laughingly "Glad it's you!" so he could take a short breather. Phil also talked into the mic, which as most of you know, rarely happens. 

When they were about to sing the Deadly Medley (which they didn't actually refer to by that name this time), Don asked what they were going to sing next and Phil said "We have to sing those sad songs." I hate to think that a slip-up would be a high point of the show for me, but.. . . During the "songs our daddy taught us" part, Don and Phil sang a beautiful "Long Time Gone." Then before starting the next song in that set, after mentioning how their father "also taught them this one," they proceeded to sing "Long Time Gone" again! Phil had a split-second confused expression on his face, but then being the ultimate professional he is, came in with the harmony immediately. And instead of stopping Don kept singing, at which point Phil  said "not that one." Then they both sang another line and Phil said "not that one neither!" Don then covered his face with one hand in mock embarrassment, and they went on to sing a gorgeous "Blues Stay Away from Me." I just love that acoustic part of the show, wish they'd extend it by a couple more songs. 

The band was great, as always. Jamie Hartford was there in place of Albert Lee, and he sang a rousing "Greased Lightning" with some fancy guitarwork during the Everlys' break. Pete Wingfield seemed a bit more subdued than usual, meaning he didn't jump up and down while playing his keyboard as he always does. When Don was introducing the band members, he said Pete had just arrived from England the day before, so maybe Pete was suffering from a touch of jetlag. All in all, though, a wonderful show. 

Looking forward to the next one, even if it's exactly the same!

VENUE : Harrah's Casino, Lake Tahoe, NV (July 1)
: Christina Lansing

I took my family to Lake Tahoe for my 50th birthday and was fortunate to get front row seats for this concert.  Phil was his usual wonderful self on stage and there was Don with that mesmerizing energy in high gear  along with that voice.  

This concert really clicked.  So many factors affect the intensity of  these concerts; the good time feel of the casino, the ambiance  of Lake Tahoe and the feeling that every single performer on stage was at ease and enjoying himself (we agreed it was all there that night!)  Peter Wingfield(sp?) and a friend flew in from London to
perform with them and was especially entertaining.  Don said he had been with them at the Reunion Concert  in '83.  I'm impressed that Don always gives recognition to Chet Atkins for his influence when they were just starting out. 

The ages of the crowd were very mixed.  A  couple beside us brought their 12 year old son.  Their fans are getting younger, Philip and Donald seem to be getting younger, I  think I was the only one that night that was getting older..oh, well.   Seriously, both men looked very fit and healthy in Tahoe.

VENUE : Harrah's Casino, Lake Tahoe, NV (June 29)
: Larkin Thompson

Saw the Everly Brothers on 6/29 at Harrahs in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. They pretty much did the same show as last 5/30/99 in Reno, Nevada... however, they were outstanding and, I think, their voices were stronger than last year.  They had a their complete 5 piece band behind them as compared to 3 last year.  

I think, however, the highlight of the show was when they came on stage alone and sang 'Long Time Gone,' I believe.  Their voices were so clear and harmonious, I thought for a moment they were lipsyncing it, but realized what it was was all the racket in the background was gone and you could really hear that wonderful sound, clearly.  Left me wishing I could see a performance with EB only.

VENUE : Grand Theatre, Wausua,WI (April 9)
: Jayna Block

I am 19 years old and when I discovered The Everly Brothers I discovered the spirit of music.

I recently had a dream come true when I got to see The Everly Brothers perform live in front of me on April, 9 at the Grand Theatre in Wausua, Wisconsin.  It was a sold out show that my sister and I attended.  

When we walked in to the theatre I received many stares from the crowd made of people no younger then 40.  We had to sit in the balcony so I was kind of upset for I couldn't see them the best, but I sure could hear them and from the moment they walked on that stage I was on the edge of my seat driven in by their heavenly voices.  I tried my best to freeze the moment in my head.  One thing I will never forget is when Phil would move and get in the light the right way his necklace would sparkle brightly.

One of my favorite parts of the show is when they sang their medley of "Devoted to you, Love hurts, and I wonder if I care as much"  by the time they got to "Lucille" I was ready to jump of my set and start dancing but, the guy next to me gave me the kind of look that said, it may not be appropriate. All during the show I would scream and wave my arms up in the air hoping they would see me but, no such luck. 

After the show I went out to the bus hoping to catch them for a glance a wave anything.  I waited for a good hour in the cold air and then asked the bus driver "Are Don and Phil out yet?"  "yes" he said, "They are getting ready to leave now"  So I never got to see them but, heard them.  That concert was the happiest moment of my life to date and I will NEVER forget it.  Don and Phil you have no idea how your music has helped me through each day and how it touches my soul.  Thank you for battling your own struggles and having enough courage and strength to get back out their and sing again.  You will never be forgotten.

VENUE : Kewadin Casino, Sault Ste. Marie, MI (April 7)
REVIEW BY : Christina Lansing

The Dream Maker Theatre was filled to capacity for the Everly Brothers concert.  As usual, the crowd was enthusiastic in response to a great show of some old favorites and some country that I did not recognize.My review would echo recent reviews posted, so suffice to say it was all that I expected and more.  

As the visible world is sustained by the invisible,so men through their trials and sordid vocations are nourished by the beautiful visions of solitary dreamers.  Phil:  You're still one of the makers of the world and architects of heaven and should be cherished by this world. Don: Keep on, keeping on!!  SMILE...The brothers are still ...right there..

(editor: The Everly Brothers, Poetry In Motion ????)

Don at the Leelanau Sands Casino

Don at the Leelanou Sands Casino
(c) Darren Nemeth

VENUE : Leelanau Sands Casino, Suttons Bay, MI (April 6)
REVIEW BY : Kristofer Engelhardt

You linked to my site for my book Beatles Undercover which has a chapter on the bro's in it. I presented the guys copies of my book at this show last week and wrote a little review of the show that I thought you might like.
Review of The Everly Brothers in concert on April 6, 2000 at the Leelanau Sands Casino in Suttons Bay, Michigan.

The Everly Brothers prove in performance beyond any doubt that Rock's roots have always been firmly planted in County Music. So, was their sold out performance at the Leelanau Sands Casino in Suttons Bay on Thursday  night a Rock show or a Country show? The crowd, mostly aged over the half-century mark, looked decidedly "country." 

The Everly's took to the stage in their trademark "Johnny Cash-black" attire and acoustic guitars. The Brothers' music and their personal relationship with each other have been filled with heartaches and harmonies over the last four decades but on this evening their perfect harmonies ruled! 

Don and his slightly younger brother Phil are Kentucky natives who, as youngsters, began performing professionally with their parents. They appropriately opened their show with "Kentucky" from their 1958 album "Songs Our Daddy Taught Us," followed-up by "Bowling Green." During the evening the Everly's offered up a blues medley of other songs their coal-mining father taught them. They also paid tribute in song to such mentors and legendary Country artists as Chet Atkins and Jimmy Rogers. The Everly Brothers faithfully and flawlessly performed their hit ballads "Devoted To You," "Love Hurts," "All I Have To Do Is Dream," and their teen rockers "Wake Up Little Suzie" and "Bye Buy Love," all written by Felice or Boudleaux Bryant. Also honored on "Crying In The Rain" was Brill Building songwriter Carol King and the late great Roy Orbison on "Claudette" (written for his wife). 

Their rock-solid backing band included Buddy Emmons, one of Country Music's most celebrated pedal-steel guitarists, and John Hartford's (of "Gentle On My Mind" fame) son Jamie on electric guitar and vocals. The rest of the band hailed from Britain, a country where the Everly's have also remained popular for over four decades and where they had a huge influence on groups like The Beatles. Keyboard player, Pete Wingfield outdid even Little Richard on the Everly's popular cover of his song "Lucille." The Everly's didn't neglect their self-penned rock hits "(Til') I Kissed You," "Cathy's Clown" (sadly, their last number one) and "When Will I Be Loved" (a top ten in 1960 but a number two when covered by Linda Ronstadt some fifteen years later). They encored with "Walk Right Back" written by Sonny Curtis, one of Buddy Holly's original Crickets. What could be a more fitting end to an hour-and-a-half show that was a perfectly executed tribute to the legends of Rock and Country? Well,  they could have "walk right back" on stage for another hour which the crowd certainly seemed to want. 

So what won out, Rock or Country? Well Don Everly helped answered that question when he noted, "They said Rock 'n' Roll would never last but those who said it, are all dead now!"

Copyright Kristofer Engelhardt, 2000

VENUE : Leelanau Sands Casino, Suttons Bay, MI (April 6)
REVIEW BY : Tony and Pam Niebyl

We got there about a half hour early. With that much time to spare I decided to try my luck at the slots. I dropped two quarters in a machine and hit for $100.00. By the time I cashed them in I was almost late for the concert. Made it to my seat (row 1: seats 1 and 2) My wife Pam won the tickets, fifth caller into WCCW our local "oldies" station, when she heard an Everly Brothers song. "COOL!!"

I looked around and saw all the teenagers around me. Well they were teens back in the 50's and 60's. The backup came out followed by Don and Phil. Are they related to Dick Clark? I don't think they looked any older than way back when ... Starting off with a little bit of blues, set the stage for the best yet to come. Good ol' ROCK AND ROLL. They took me back in time to when I drove hot-rod cars and hung out at the drive-in restaurant, listening to the Everly's singing "bye-bye love, bye bye happiness, hello loneliness..." or "wake up little Suzy, wake up! We both fell sound asleep..." 

We, along with the people around us, were transported back in time. It was definitely a killer concert. The keyboard player and the bass guitarist, both from England were excellent. If you get a chance to see the Everly's in concert you will know what I'm talking about, some of the best blues solos I've ever heard. The steel guitarist has no equal. I didn't think you could do all those things on a steel guitar. One word "fantastic" is all you can say about the electric guitar and mandolin player. I guess when you are the Everly brothers you get the best.

Oh, one quick comment here Phil and Don were talking about how old a song was that they wrote and how old that made them. I told them "that makes us both 35." Phil gave me the thumbs-up on that one and got a little chuckle out of it.

Well, that's all the time I have right now. As Phil (editor: surely must have been Don) said "all the people that said: 'Rock and Roll' will never last' are no longer here." So Rock on Everly fans and God bless.

VENUE : Leelanau Sands Casino, Suttons Bay, MI (April 6)
REVIEW BY : Gregg Smith

It was the late 50's and few Northern Michigan radio stations were playing that "new music."  So we would listen for hours to a static-filled AM signal just to hear a cut by Holly, Valens or the Everlys.  Little did we realize that we were listening to history, the missionaries of a world changing music genre. 

Last night at the Leelanau Sands Casino (Leelanau County, Michigan) for the first time many of us saw the Everlys live.  To a sold out house they sang the songs of our youth and theirs.  Timeless and ageless (them, at least), those tight, crisp harmonies that inspired so many pop/rock legends over the years, graced the intimate Casino setting. Standing O's, endless applause, and the feeling that "I don't want this to end" pervaded. As a friend noted as the 'boys' left the stage after performing several encores....."This was a spiritual experience." The Senior Everlys must be very proud.  I know we were.

VENUE : Mystic Lake Casino, Prior Lake, MN (April 4)
REVIEW BY : Jerry Enochson

Just as you requested a while back in your is my review of the concert The Everly's put on last night (April 4th) in Prior Lake , Minnesota. I noticed that my brother John VonWalter has already given you his own review on it, so here is a second point of view on that same concert. I'm sure there may be some parallels. I unfortunately had no camera along, however, the theater ushers promptly escorted a young woman away from
the stage when she attempted to photograph them performing. I have attached a couple pictures from two of their earlier concerts in the mid-eighties taken in Bloomington, Minnesota. This is how I viewed their concert yesterday:

Everlys in 1985 Everlys in 1985

Don & Phil live ca. 1985 in Bloomington, MN

Last night, April 4th, I had the extreme good fortune to see Don and Phil in concert at the Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake, Minnesota, U.S.A. How is it that your music idols ten years your senior can look better than you? And...did they sound better than ever also? Absolutely! They put on a fantastic show and the crowd loved them. The show opened with a Kentucky medley of "Green River", "Kentucky", and "Bowling Green". All their classic
hits were performed including a "sad song" medley of "Devoted To You", "Love Hurts", and "I Wonder If I Care As Much". They later did a two song tribute to their father from the "Songs Our Daddy Taught Us" album, including "Long Time Gone". My favorite performance of the evening was "Let It Be Me". Don mentioned that THIS is their most requested song, and understandably so. The song is a total masterpiece and no one could ever imagine anyone eclipsing the perfection they bring to that song. I'm certain had there been a dance floor, every single chair would have emptied. 

I noticed a new feature in some of their songs. They used an echo effect that enriched and enhanced those particular songs. The band was introduced and performed two numbers on their own. Basically their band contained the familiar faces of Pete Wingfield(keyboards), Phil Cranham(bass), and Buddy
Emmons(steel guitar). Absent, and not explained, was Albert Lee, their fine lead guitarist. This year in his place was Jamie Hartford, son of singer/songwriter John Hartford, noted for having penned Glen Campbell's "Gentle On My Mind". Jamie did an outstanding job and was highlighted in the band's second number "White Lightnin'",the J.P.Richardson (Big Bopper) and George Jones hit. Throughout the evening, Don gave us a little background as to the origin of some of their songs notably mentioning Chet Atkins and Carole King. Don and Phil came out for two encore songs including "T For Texas" and "Walk Right Back". The crowd was most enthusiastic and roared for more. 

My only regret is that they failed to include a few of their recent songs as "Born Yesterday", "Don't Worry Baby", and "On The Wings Of A Nightingale". I hope they realize just how great these songs are also and could showcase how current, creative, and competitive they can still be. I hope Martial will not mind if I use this opportunity as a forum to make a couple of suggestions also. Possibly Don and Phil might see this. I remember a terrific song during Phil's solo years titled "Dare To Dream Again" and often have thought what an even greater song that might be if they would re-record it together and release it once again. It was a fine song and the harmonies of the two would make it a certain hit. 

The other item involves a comment that I had heard that maybe Don and Phil do not agree on a common music type to record and each had different interests and tastes and therefore this was the explanation of the absence of a new album for some time. A number of years ago, they recorded an album titled "Both Sides Of An Evening". On one side were songs for "Dreaming" and on the other were songs for "Dancing". Has this concept ever occurred to them now, in which they could both do their own preferences of music on each side? The bottom line would be that their many fans would be the grateful recipients of a long overdue and appreciated new album. I feel very fortunate to have witnessed the Everly Brother's year 2000 tour. The very first concert I saw Don and Phil was at age 15, and being under age to be admitted, my brother helped sneak me in. It was at the Prom Ballroom in St. Paul, Minnesota. Buddy Holly had played there on his fateful "Winter Dance Party Tour". In the theater at the Mystic Lake Casino during last nights concert, I felt 15 years old once again. For the hour and 15 minutes that Don and Phil performed...I'm certain EVERYONE did. 

May their music continue always...

VENUE : Mystic Lake Casino, Prior Lake, MN (April 4)
REVIEW BY : John von Walter (indeed the other 'Point of View' that Jerry talked about.........)

Fellow Everly Brothers Fans:

Last night, the 4th of April, I attended an Everly Brothers Concert at Mystic Lake Casino, located about 30 miles south of Minneapolis and St.Paul in the State of Minnesota in the north central USA.  Having been for nearly
40 years an Everly fan, I am no stranger to their live concerts, having over the years seen at least ten of them.
I must, without reserve, say that last night's concert was the best and freshest I have seen since their Reunion Concert in Minneapolis in 1984. It may even be the best concert I've seen by them since the mid 1960s.  But rest assured, I'd never be one to say they've done a bad concert.  

This one, perhaps, was just one of the best. Their harmonies were as good as ever, though most clearly in evidence in their background-music- muted renditions of "So Sad", "All I have to Do is Dream", "Love Hurts", "Let it be Me", "Devoted to You", and "Crying in the Rain".  And while the band took a break Don and Phil, accompanied by a mandolin and their own quietly-strummed guitars, did a couple of old blues songs, "Blue" and "Long Time Gone" which were absolutely magnificent, the most heavenly blend of voice harmony I've ever heard, by them, or by anyone else.  Even those who were not Everly devotees could not help but be enthralled with their perfect blend of voices, sailing in echo and perfect harmony, even on "Long Time Gone" and its ultra-exhalted high notes, done in acappella.  One wonders why they don't continue to record such folksy and bluesy songs, using but the barest of musical accompaniment.  Without doubt, it is the Everly voices--more than the music--that create and created their mass appeal. But on the loud and hard rock beats of "Lucille", "Cathy's Clown", "When will I Be Loved", "Bye Bye Love", and "Wake Up Little Susie" their backup band of world class musicians supplied driving, perfect music that drove the full-capacity crowd mad.  Several times I pulled my eyes from the stage to look at the crowd during some of the upbeat songs, such as "Wake up Little Susie", and found not a single face without a smile and a twinkle in the eyes, or feet or hands tapping out the beat, or mouths singing along to the words.

The concert was quite long (unusual for a casino concert where the management likes to get you back to the tables or the slot machines as fast as possible), long enough in fact that the Everly Brothers were able to to
do most of their standards in total, or in medley.  All that I personally missed, that for me would have given the concert a perfect 100 rating, were "Price of Love", "Bird Dog", "Wings of a Nightingale" and "Ebony Eyes"
(which I have never heard in any of their concerts).  So I'll just have to give the concert a 99.9999 rating.

Don, with his new walking exercise program, looks 10 years younger and more fit than the last time I saw him in 1998.  My wife thought he could pass for 40, and I had to agree.  Phil, however, seems to have put on some weight
in the paunch and jowls, trading places as the apparent heavier of the two, though with his height he carries it better.  One would hope that for his health he takes up the same fitness program as Don, so that he lives to a
ripe and healthy old age, so the brothers' live music can last as long or longer than the rest of our days.  Phil's upper harmony, however, was as good as ever, wrapping melodiously around and sitting atop Don's voice, which is perhaps half an octave deeper. Now I already yearn to hear them in concert again.  Will I have to wait until the do a much-needed European tour?  The rest of the world deserves to hear them too.  If I had the time and money I'd love to follow them from concert to concert on the rest of this year's tour....

VENUE : The Atlantic City Hilton Casino Resort, NJ (February 18-20)
REVIEW BY : Marcy Aschenbrenner

A major snow and ice storm was forecast, so my husband and I  headed off a day early which turned out to be a wise decision.  A spattering of empty seats led us to believe that  some unlucky fans had  been snowbound.

The shows  were excellent - we attended all 3!!  Don and Phil were in great form - Phil, especially, was enjoying himself - & the band was also great.  The show was essentally the same as their '99 one**  -lasting 75 minutes with the same songs but in a slightly altered order.  The band was outstanding during their solo numbers as was Albert Lee in his vocal, & and Pete Wingfield is a show in himself.  The audience really showed their appreciation with rousing applause.  Of course,  the boys also received much rousing applause & a standing ovation for  "Let It Be Me" & after the encore "T for Texas".  There were several requests for "Bird Dog" shouted by fans, but that didn't happen.  The concert on a whole escalated in intensity as it progressed and the entire theater was rocking for the last few songs.

Our only disappointment was in the seating arrangement of the Hilton theater.  Rows of tables were set up perpendicular to the stage and the chairs were crowded very close together side by side and back to back, which was quite uncomfortable.  Our tickets were at table 1-A which we anticipated would be excellent.  They were up front,  but far to the left of the stage.  Our tablemates were also dismayed.  The entire center section of the theater, from front to back, was reserved for complimentary seating for casino members.  Ticket buyers were relegated to the far sides.

We enjoyed meeting several fans who had also traveled some distance for the concert.  Several had their original 45's or CD's that they were hoping to have autographed, but were disappointed when, after all 3 shows, they were told that Don and Phil had left immediately, so no autographs.  Kudos to Buddy Emmons who came out after each show to meet and greet fans, sign autographs and pose for photos.  He was so gracious and seemed to genuinely enjoy chatting as long as the fans wanted.  A fellow steel guitarist at our table was thrilled to meet his idol.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend.  Don and Phil still have what it takes and then some!!!

** 2000 Concert Songs

Green River,  Kentucky,  Bowling Green,  So Sad,  Claudette,  Crying in the Rain,  When Will I Be Loved,  Devoted To You, Love Hurts,   I Wonder If I Care As Much (last 3 songs in medley),  Bye Bye Love,  Dream,  Long Time Gone,  Blues Stay Away,  Til I Kissed You, Cathy's Clown,  Wake Up Little Susie,  Lucille,  Let It Be Me,  T for Texas.

VENUE : The Atlantic City Hilton Casino Resort, NJ (February 20)
REVIEW BY : Terry (Firewife) Burroughs

My husband, Steve, my mom and I saw the Sunday 2/20/00 EB Show at the Hilton in Atlantic City. Three days later, I am still so excited that their next show in August cannot arrive soon enough. I waited a life time to see them perform live and was not let down. In a treasured box of assorted memories lies several very worn out burgundy colored Cadence 45rpm records that for me as a young girl (born in 1951), began a lesson in harmony and an appreciation for music that only two people in the world could have provided.

When they came onto the stage the other night, I thought to myself that if they simply stood there and did nothing I was most certainly privileged to be in the same room as they - not only for what they have accomplished in bringing to the musical world, but for how they influenced my love for finding the harmony in every song I have ever sung in the shower and the car! The Everly Brothers music has been there my entire life - they are where it began for me. To have the honor of hearing their voices while seeing them perform live was like finally living the dream of a lifetime and coming full circle. It was my way of telling them "thank you" for the lessons in harmony, for always being able to understand their words, for the hours and years of enjoyment this loner child spent moving the needle on the record player back to the beginning of the 45 ... and for being with us on Sunday night to help us all remember - and take a moment to go back while we rejoiced in the present.

The show was wonderful,  the music itself was overpowering at first when they opened with a Kentucky Trilogy (Green River, Kentucky & Bowling Green).  I think I just wanted to hear them so badly and it was somewhat difficult for several minutes only as we sat in front of the speakers. But they were clear as harmonic bells ringing in celebration and a celebration it was. My mother said she thought the gentleman next to her was going to hurt himself as his head bopped up and down with every familiar note. I noticed much of the audience at first made little effort in keeping the beat or attempting to rejoice in my level of elation.  However, by mid show, they were cheering with exuberance and clapping with all their might! The applause grew more exhilarated as they realized and acknowledged what the fans have always known. Several standing ovations later, I am sure every soul in that room knew they were receiving an extraordinary gift from the leaders of the pack. Home grown American treasures that truly have transcended time because genuine quality and perfection never spoil or diminish and never let you down.

Like a precious gem, the Everly Brothers will shine at any age, in any time because they are the rarest and the sweetest of all our melodious treasures. 

(by the way if you have the time please visit her very fine Judds Website !)

VENUE : The Atlantic City Hilton Casino Resort, NJ (February 19)
REVIEW BY : Rick Libert

The Everlys came out at about 8:30 with their five-member band.  I was immediately taken by how much Phil and Don still look and act like the young Everlys - Don especially (sorry, Phil!).  I'll be content to have half their energy when I'm in my sixties. 

They began their superb, full-length set with a medley of "Green River/Kentucky," then immediately moved into Don's utterly gorgeous "So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)."  From there they launched into a string of hits which included (not necessarily in this order):  "Bowling Green," "Crying in the Rain," "When Will I Be Loved," "Devoted to You," a great rendition of "Love Hurts," the sublime "All I Have to Do is Dream," "Claudette," "I Wonder If I Care As Much," "Bye Bye Love," "Until I Kissed Ya," "Lucille," "Wake Up Little Susie" and "Let It Be Me" (the latter two of which which generated the most enthusiastic audience response of all).  The encore was an old Jimmie Rodgers number. Midway through the concert, the Everlys took a well-deserved break to allow their fantastic band to perform two selections on their own.  The band, a treat in itself, featured Buddy Emmons on pedal steel guitar (Don was quick to point out that Buddy had been playing the Grand Ole Opry back in the early 50's when the Everlys were still standing outside in the alley, trying to break in).  The primarily Nashville-based band gave the entire set a decidedly old-time country flavor. 

Following the two band selections, Phil and Don returned to perform two country classics accompanied by only their two guitars and the band's electric guitar player on mandolin:  "Long Time Gone" and "Blues Stay Away From Me."  Don explained that these two songs had been taught to them by their "daddy," Ike Everly, back when the lads were still pre-teenagers sitting on the family's front porch in Kentucky (before they even had electricity in their house!). These all-acoustic, bluegrass-flavored numbers were perhaps my favorites of the evening. The Everlys sound better than ever.  Every phrase, every nuance is precise - as if they are singing with a single voice.  Always on key, with Phil still hitting all the high notes (and not straining to do so!), they are one of the most professional acts I've had to pleasure to see.

Unfortunately, Phil and Don did not stay around afterwards to meet people or sign autographs, though they did shake hands with some of the lucky audience members in the front row (I, unfortunately, was not among them)."

VENUE : The Orleans Casino, Las Vegas, NV (January 25-29)
REVIEW BY : Fitzi & Joe Waters  

My wife and I were at the ORLEANS Super Bowl weekend and had a great time.  As we were checking in we were right next to Phil who was checking in some family members for the weekend. 

After settling in, I rode down on the elevator with Albert Lee and renewed our previous meetings here and in CA.  We took our close friends from AZ to see Don & Phil ( their first time seeing the Brothers in a live preformance)  They had a good time but not as great as Fitzi & I who have been Don & Phil fans since the Alan Freed days of the Brooklyn Paramount. 

They opened with that Kentucky Trilogy (Green River, Kentucky & Bowling Green) and on into the show, which actually has not been revamped in three years,  but still sells out the house. I would love to see them add a tribute section to other artist and preform some songs like Not a Fade Away/B.Holly, Husbands & Wives/R.Miller, Mister Beau Bangles/LR Band, City of New Orleans/A Guthrie .  Some of which they have recorded and others they would enhance just as they did with Sam Cook's Darling You Send Me which they used for their encore during the 84-85 tours.

On Saturday rode down the elevator with Phil's Mother-in -Law and assured her that she had become related to one of the best Acts in show-biz. Also talked with Pete Wingfield and Buddy Emmons but had my thrill of a lifetime in meeting Don in the lobby on Sunday morning before his departure for Nashville.  Told him how much we have enjoyed their shows and listening to them over the last 43 yrs.  Told Don how much we love the BLUES Segment of the show and wondered if they would be making a blues album to whcich he replied I have to get Phil to come back to Nashville first. 

Wished them good luck the rest of the year and told them we'd see the show again either in Tahoe or LV  later this year. To top the weekend off the RAMS won the Super Bowl.