VENUE : Homecoming XIV, Central City, KY (September 1)
: Steve Wardrip (from Kentucky)

We just woke up Sunday morning after the Central City XIV Homecoming Concert. What an experience! Don and Phil were wonderful as usual and their band line-up was great what with all those fellows from England that they said they had picked up at the Reunion Concert at The Royal Albert Hall. Also on stage were Jamie Hartford (son of the late, great John Hartford) as introduced by Phil and of course the "Maestro" of the pedal steel guitar (as Phil put it), Buddy Emmons.   

It brought back so many great memories. The XIV Every Brothers Homecoming Concert was absolutly fantastic. The weather was gorgeous and the other entertainers were also incredible. Somehow, I wish they would just keep doing it. I've made it to all but one Homecoming concert. Hopefully, I'll get to see them somewhere else. Las Vegas, perhaps!   I live in Kentucky about 1 hour from Central City and would just like to say to the whole world......THANK YOU, EVERLY FANS!!! You have helped Western Kentucky more than you'll ever know and please know that you are welcome as our guests anytime. If we can ever help you in any way, just let us know!

"Whenever I want you, all I have to do is dream..."

VENUE : Homecoming XIV, Central City, KY (September 1)
: Donna McDonald

I just returned to my home in Bardstown, Ky after a fabulous day and night in my hometown of Central City, KY.  As usual my sister, Joyce Stevens, was a fantastic hostess.  I did not make it there in time for the brunch she offered on Saturday for many of those attending the concert from faraway places; however,  I did get to take advantage of the leftovers from the sumptious spread she provided.

My 14 year old granddaughter was with me. Enroute to Central City I picked her up in Henderson, KY and even before she had time to fasten her seat belt I announced "Let Your Education Begin" and snapped on one of my many Everly Brothers cassettes.  She let forth with a barely audible groan as she put on her headphones to listen to N'Sync.  I upped the volume and she politely began to halfheartedly listen.  As the music played I educated her on some of the finer aspects of the English language, ie, "Susie Baby, it looks like we goofed again"  I informed her that there was a time when the word "goofed" was used instead of the more modern variation of "screwed-up" or "f'd up - the same as with "Oooh La La" .  She was indeed shocked at her grandmother's command of the language.  After a several miles and several songs I noticed some sounds coming from her side of the van.  She jumped up and said "Oh, my God, I can't believe I'm actually singing that stuff." When The Brothers came on stage to the roar of the audience she settled in to listen.  By the time the performance ended she was saying "THOSE GUYS ARE COOL!!"  A new convert no less.  However, she was a little embarrassed when her Grandmother, her Aunt and Uncle jumped up and began dancing when they did an encore of "Walk Right Back." 

The evening was perfect.  The weather was lovely and the temperture was great.  And there was an aura about The Boys.  It is so amazing how their voices are still so strong. Keith Urban also gave us a great performance.  He is a newcomer and I had not heard him before.  Much to my sorrow it was my first time to have the Sawyer Brown experience.  They were spectacular!!!  I am already looking to see if they will be performing any where else in the area.  They were so entertaining - so much fun to watch with so much energy pouring out all over the place. I think I shall start cleaning bathrooms to earn money to be able to go to Las Vegas or any where the Everlys perform.  Idon't want to miss them ever again.

Don backstage at South Shore Music Circus in Cohasset, Massachusetts (Aug. 24th)

Don backstage

 (with just behind him Phil in clever disguise I suppose...........)

(c) Mike Moran

VENUE : State Theater, Easton, PA (August 19)
: El & Dan Brooks

We saw the Everly Brothers at the restored State Theater. This is a beautiful old structure in downtown Easton that goes back to the Vaudeville days of 1915; complete with elaborate chandeliers. It was so much more enjoyable than watching them perform at a Casino.

The theater was packed with Everly Brothers fans who were here for only one reason; to listen to them sing and reminisce about the good old days. The sound system was great and no one was hassling us to buy drinks. The venue was identical to that reported by Rona when she saw them at the American Music Theater. It started with a very funny comedian and then a short intermission before "the boys" came on stage. During the intermission, they played songs by Chet Atkins. The audience was extremely receptive and we're sure that Don & Phil could sense that. Don started chatting with the audience right after the "Kentucky Medley".

He told us stories about Carol King, Roy Orbison, and of course Chet. We could tell that they were enjoying entertaining us as much as we were enjoying listening to them. They were both in perfect form. Phil can still hit all the high notes that he could when they were young. The band sounded great too. The new guitar player is very good; though we missed the fantastic playing of Albert Lee. Don sounded very proud of their upcoming induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame, but reminded  everyone that they were the first inductees into the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame. It was a very memorable evening. The songs that we loved in our youth sung by two wonderfully talented people that we are growing old with'.

VENUE : American Music Theatre, Lancaster, PA (August 18)
: Linn Carpenter

Hi.  I'm sorry it has taken me so long to write this, but let me just say that the August 18th, 2001 show at the American Music Theater in Lancaster, PA was a very magical evening.  The boys have never sounded better.  Their vocals and harmony were very tight.  They truly seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Their medley of country standarss, including Kentucky, was a highlight of the show, but hearing them close the show with Let It Me Be (before their encore, of course), brought tears to my eyes.  As many times as I've heard them sing this song, I will never stop being touched by it.

Don was gracious enough to sign a few autographs before boarding his bus after the show.  Buddy Emmons had his hands full when he emerged from the building and couldn't sign anything, but acknowledged the fans who screamed for him by telling them he appreciated their love.  I didn't wait around for Phil because it was getting late, but I've met him at previous shows and he was always kind and gracious to his fans.  I doubt he was anything less this time.

It was my 21st Everly Brothers show in over 20 years, and my only regret is that I won't be seeing them in November as I had hoped.  I pray that I will have the opportunity to see the Everlys once more in the near future. They never seem to age and have made me feel like a teenager for many years.

Thank you, Don and Phil, for all the joy you've brought your fans.

VENUE : American Music Theatre, Lancaster, PA (August 18)
: Joyce Ann Budd

Absolutely FANTABULOUS show last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sold out!  A MOST enthusiastic and VOCAL audience!  Since 1984 it is the 10th time I've seen the guys live and I DO believe their voices were THE BEST I have EVER  HEARD!!!!! 

My sister and I waited outside by the buses with about 50 or 60 people and got the guy's autographs.  "Some Hearts" and  "Born Yesterday" cd's are now complete - signed by both guys...just have to get Don to sign "EB 84" then I'll start with my album collection!

Don had to leave early but signed just about everyone's stuff before going.  Phil stuck around and signed and posed with everyone who asked. My sister and I got a nice guy to take our picture with him. 

Oh, if only the show was longer...we could have danced ALL NIGHT!!!!!!!!!

VENUE : Charles Ives Center, Danbury, CT (August 12)
: AnnMarie Blanchard

Dear Martial - What a weekend I just had!!!!  the 2 CD's arrived in the mail on Saturday (They are fabulous!) and I saw Phil and Don at the Ives Concert Theater on Sunday night in Danbury, CT. As always, they were terrific, and as always, I managed to mow down two guards to get on stage and give them bouquets of roses!  What a thrill to shake their hands and get a hug and kiss - I may never wash my face again :)  

They started the show with "Green River", one of my all time favorites which I've never heard them do in person before,and they also added some other great Kentucky songs to their show that they haven't done on stage before- all in all a great night. And the best part, I had three of my kids with me and they knew every word to every song and had as much fun as I did.  Long live rock 'n' roll, long live Phil and Don!!! 

Thanks again for all the work getting the CD's out!

VENUE : Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank, NJ (August 11)
: Belinda Orr

Don & Phil at the Count Basie

So, I've learned a few things in the last weekend.number 1.never trust with driving directions.they totally stink. Number 2: The people who tease you about being 23 years old and hanging out at "old fogey concerts" really don't "know JACK" because at 23 years old, I would give my right arm for tickets to a concert for the Everly Brothers rather than some of this "younger generation crap" like Britney Spears or they call THAT (?) music?? UGH. Anyway.the THIRD thing I learned this NEVER trust the concert halls when they tell you no cameras.hehe.I've been burned by that rule so many times that I just bring it along for the ride, and if other people use theirs.I use mine!! And the FOURTH and FINAL thing I gained from this weekend was that the Everly's continue to ROCK.always have and ALWAYS will. Actually.I didn't learn #4 recently.. I've known that simple fact since I was a lil' girl all dressed up in my red gingham pinafore dress rocking in the rockin' chair with my mom singin' "Wake up a 'lil Susie." (Yeah,, I had a beagle named Susie.hehe). Anyway.#4 was a great segue to start offmy review.


So.from my last review, you know the concert in May in Poughkeepsie, NY was my first Everly experience.I enjoyed myself so much the first time, that I was VERY much looking forward to this show in Red Bank. Unfortunately, Red Bank was two hours south of where I am in New York.(enter my venomous opinion of It was a long ride but DEFINITELY worth EVERY minute. We left FOUR hours early, only to get stuck in a little over one hour worth of bumper to bumper, STAND STILL traffic due to an overturned vehicle.and get there only 40 minutes early and spent 20 of those 40 minutes looking for somewhere to park! Parking at the theatre was a NIGHTMARE because they don't have their own lot.its street parking and municipal parking only.We ended up parking 4 blocks away and hoofed it up to the Count Basie.

As the three of us are walkin' down the sidewalk and I notice this white Chevy Astro Van coming around the corner with the passenger seat window rolled all the way down. I said to myself, "hmmm.that guy laughing and talking in the passenger seat looks awfully familiar." (*ding* lightbulb!)  I said."That's PETE!" Yes, as in Pete Wingfield.the amazing Pete. I'm sure as the van went by, my mouth was just wide open in awe.but when it hit me.I was like."DAMN.. shoulda waved hi." So we kept, in a complete daze, kickin' myself in the butt for not noticing Pete early enough to at least WAVE.and we finally found our way to our seats and waited for the show to begin.


Finally, a little after 8pm.. a comedian was the opening horrible of me, I can't remember his name.only that he was called "Mr. Bullhorn" something or other.He kept yelling to the bullhorn.he was rather amusing.. passed the time, no offense to him, of course.but EVERYONE in that audience wanted the Everly's.No offense to my locals in the Hudson Valley of New York State---but the Red Bank, New Jersey crowd was SO MUCH BETTER. About 8:55pm.the band came out & started playing.we had great seats (second row and my mom's left arm rest was directly even with the dual about sweet seats.!!) plus we had a great view.we were SO ready to rock.Out came Phil and Don.Phil in the usual black on black ensemble.Don in black jeans with the black suit jacket---this time with Red arrows.and a blue scarf (bandana/neck tie?) around his neck.

Don Phil


The set list was the same that we have seen (and loved.) all along."Green River," "Kentucky," and "Bowling Green" to start.then "So Sad," "Claudette," "Crying in the Rain" and "When Will I Be Loved" followed by "Devoted to You," "Love Hurts," "I Wonder if I Care as Much," "Bye Bye Love," and "All I Have to do is Dream." Of course, of all embarrassing moments.from my last review, you should know I was quite impressed by both Jamie Hartford and Pete Wingfield.they are quite the musicians.So back to the embarrassing moment.Don was introducing the band.and everyone is all cheering and this & that for everyone he had introduced so, on the fourth intro, he gets to Jamie.and starts off with, "And this fella is the youngest of the group." And suddenly no one seems to be cheering as I yell out "Woooo.JAMIEEEE!!!" Don just kinda laughed and Jamie looked like "OK, Groupie.who are you??" and he waved into the crowd.Ugh!! Heheh.I was like.."DOH!!"

Anyway.. D&P went off and the band grooved with their whole jam session.. very cool.and the Jamie sang, "White Lightning." which I ADORE.D&P came back out & they went into "Long Time Gone" and "Blues Stay Away From Me." The whole crowd really seemed to liven up once they did "Bye Bye Love." so when they started "Till I Kissed Ya," "Cathy's Clown" and "Wake Up a 'Lil Susie," the crowd was LOVIN' it.Right before the Evs started "Let It Be Me," Don mentioned the late, great Chet Atkins.there was no mention of this being their final tour because of the death of Mr. Atkins, but he did say, "I don't think we'll ever get over it." Then, they went into "Let It Be Me," followed by "T for Texas," and finally "Walk Right Back."  In between one of the songs, Don made mention of the Country Music Hall of Fame, to which they received a standing ovation (authors note."ABOUT FREAKIN' TIME!!!")

Don & Phil with Jamie Hartford

ANYWAY.Overall, the show was another ace.the energy.the harmony.the all rocked. The Everly's offer a classy show that the lil' bubble gum, teeny bopper, so-called "rockers" of today can't even MATCH, let alone BEAT. All of the guys up there on that stage just 200% of the heart and soul into their music.and it shows.I LOVE the way Phil stares at his mic as he sings, like he is telling it his story. Corny as it may seems to show his true passion for music. Pete Wingfield is just AWESOME.there is no other word I can think of.he is so energetic and he plays to the crowd SO well.all of his facial expressions, the way he laughs and points out things.jumps all around, dances & moves his feet.I could watch an entire show  of just him, he is sooo entertaining. The only thing I can say is that he is just way too cool. 

I really hope the Evs come back to the North East in the future.the last two concerts have been two of the most uplifting, energetic shows I've been to in a longggg time.  I am amazed that D&P are able to just end the show after their "faux departure and encore" and just walk right out the door and onto the bus.that is SUCH a great road team that can get them in and out so quickly.Anyway.real quick before I FINALLY end this. 

As we were getting up to leave.I noticed Jamie Hartford  and Pete Wingfield were still hangin' around.Jamie had gone backstage and changed his clothes whenI noticed he had come back out & was talking to fans by the stage.he seemed very friendly and genuine, so I didn't hesitate to approach him.he graciously signed his autograph on a little notepad that for SOME reason I had in my bag.we were able to snap a quick picture of me up there while he was signing my book.I swear, a simple signature can sweep a girl off her feet.I was giddy for the rest of the ride home.(over two hours worth of drive time, y'know!! Heheh.) Martial would've been proud, though.with all my excitement, (I mean I probably could've jumped all the way home, I was so thrilled.) I was still able to maintain my "Chill." and just be "normal." outlook. lol.Many artists don't take the time out for their fans.I was really happy that Jamie did.Not only do I have the respect for him as a musician, but as a person, as well. I'm sure it would make him feel good to know that such a simple gesture made someone so happy.

Jamie and Belinda  

Anyway.. this has gone on WAYYYY too long.Lord know Martial was probably screaming the word "EDIT" half way through this long winded story. I hope you all enjoy viewing my pictures as much as I did taking them.I got some great, great shots that only prove what an awesome time we had.(Definitely gotta do this more often.hehe.)

Don at the Orleans

Don starts the intro to 'Susie' at the Orleans on July 27th
(c) Zillah Matulonis

VENUE : King Cat Theatre, Seattle, WA (July 18)
: Elsie Lee


The King Cat Theater looked like a former movie theater and seats around 600. The two Everly tour buses were parked right outside.   I recognized a couple of the road managers going in and out of the buses but no sighting of Don or Phil.

No change in the songlist, but the vocals were excellent. Phil looked as nice as ever in his black suit and Don was in the black suit with red trim. No mistakes except one of the roadies had to run out during Green River and
plug in Donald's guitar.   He kept on singing & playing and didn't miss a beat !    

The nearly sold-out Audience was very receptive....laughed at the jokes too. They gave them a standing ovation at the end and wanted more but I knew after the second encore (Walk Right Back) that the show was at an end.     


What was more interesting this time was the in-between song chatter from Don.

A couple of things of note:

1.    Donald said this was probably their last tour (big groan from the audience) and that it was time to cool things down. He said that in the future they would probably just do Las Vegas and/or Lake Tahoe for a week a couple of times a year.   (Did he say this in earlier shows this year ?)   

2.    In introducing Let It Be Me, Donald paid homage to Chet Atkins and implied that his death was one of the reasons why they may be "quitting for a while".   He said "it just didn't feel right".    He also thanked the audience for "keeping them in their adolescence for many, many years".

This part made me a bit sad.   I suppose it is awfully selfish of us to want them to continue doing this forever because they've certainly deserve their rest.     I hope that each of you will have the chance to enjoy a little of that Everly magic one more time.  

Two more Everly shows for me next week in Las Vegas.    It will be good to see my online buddies again.

VENUE : Jack Singer Concert Hall, Calgary, Canada (July 12)
: Brenda & Dave Harding

We were fortunate enough to be able to see the Everly Brothers when they were in Calgary on July 12th at the Jack Singer Concert Hall.  What can we say!!!!  It was a top notch show. 

The brothers sang many of our favorite songs, with the audience singing right along with them. They were accompanied by the  greats,  Buddy Emmons on the steel guitar and Pete Wingfield on the keyboards. These men are famous in their own right and we sure appreciate their talent. We heard that this was  the Everlys farwell tour. We hope not, but sure understand, if it is. There is a time to slow down and enjoy life. It must be hard, being on the road. 

Don was sure to mention, his friend, who just passed away, Mr. John Hartford and recognized his son, on stage, Jamie Hartford. He's plays a mean guitar. I think this young man will go places. Don also mentioned Chet Atkins, who passed away. You can sure tell, that both Phil and Don had great respect for the man. We all loved Chet, too. 



Calgary gave the brothers a great welcome, understanding the talent that was before them. We will miss these guys, if they hang up their guitars, but I have a feeling that there will be many more Las Vegas Shows which we plan to get down  to see. Don and Phil looked great, and seemed to be enjoying themselves with the audience and fellow band members. Sadly, the show was over much too quickly, and it was time to leave. We said a quick Hi to Don outside the Hall and complimented him on another great show and he thanked us. It's always been nice to say Hi to Don, but never seem to catch Phil. 

Until next time, take care Bas and Martial and all Everly Fans all over the world.

VENUE : Jubilee Auditorium, Edmonton, Canada (July 11)
: Shelley Mandrusiak

Jubilee, July 11th 2001

The Everly Brothers concert on July 11,was fabulous.A little loud for my mother and a lady who works for my mom,I thought it was just great.What do you except from the elderly bunch,huh? 

Don and Phil really had the crowd rockin',I was disappointed that they did not sing "Bird Dog" even in their encore.Don and Phil have a really hot band,they played while The Brothers went backstage for a break.I was singing along during every song except "T for Texas" and "Bowling Green" but the others I knew, even "I wonder if I care","Kentucky".All in all it was a fabulous show,I just wish it did'nt end as quickly as it did.

I'll send off the reviews and ticket stub your way as soon as possible (ed. as you can see above they made it to Holland !  Thanks Shelley.................).

VENUE : Jubilee Auditorium, Edmonton, Canada (July 11)
: Andrea Campbell

Awesome concert.

I have been fortunate enough in my 37 years to see Phil and Don and company 3 times in Edmonton. It's been 9 years since their last Edmonton appearance, and it was well worth the money and the wait! The show has matured, I'm so happy they included lesser played songs like Green River, Bowling Green and the Delmore Bros. blues classic. Also glad they ventured out and didn't stick to studio versions. Don's voice had that raw edge that I so love on songs the "Don't Let the Whole World Know." They really rocked. 

The band was incredible. Jamie hartford was great, so were Buddy Emmons and Pete Wingfield. I have so much respect for the capabilities of these gentlemen. There is NO comparing them with most of today's 3 chord bands; these guys can PLAY.

They look great! I don't know what Adela's feeding Don, but he looks fantastic! And Phil is one sharp dresser! It is certainly true that men improve with age. I like the break from the matching tuxedos of pre 1987, their individuality really shows through. On the left, LA on the right Nashville!

I was fortunate, after 45 minute wait, to actually meet Phil outside after the show. He is the most gracious man I have EVER met in my life. And he looks you straight in the eye when he greets you. He allowed my mum and I to
have our photo taken with us after a security gal offered to shoot it! WOW! He signed a couple of LP covers that I will frame and treasure always, and I got to shake his hand and then wished him a safe trip to Calgary. It made my week! Unfortunateley Don had left immediatley after the show and was unavailable. 

If any of you reading this haven't got tickets to their remaining shows this year, I advise you to beg, borrow or otherwise procure a ticket! The legends live on, and if you can see them, it will be one of the finest shows you will ever see.

VENUE : Atlantic City Hilton Hotel, Atlantic City, NJ (May 27th)
: The McGarvey Family (Scott and Greg)

Please visit Greg's WEBSITE for more info and pics !

The Everly's stopped by atlantic city on may 25-27. We went to the 3rd show and it was just wonderful. Those of you who are the diehard fans already know what songs they played. My son Greg and I have seen them many, many times and just can't get enough. We don't care what songs they play.

We hung around after the show and were able to speak to keyboard wizard Pete Wingfield. He autographed my 'Run Devil Run' (paul mccartney) cd and my son's old, beatup guitar that the everly's signed a few years ago. We asked him to take a photo and next thing i know he has greg on stage with him so i can snap a picture. What a nice guy!

John Hartford's son (forgot his first name) was filling in for Albert Lee and was fine but not as flashy. Don and Phil seem to be in perfect form lately and we appreciate each show more than ever knowing that someday the shows will end. Let's hope it's not too soon. We'll be seeing them in Pa. in August and back in A.C. in November. Can't wait.

(Scott McGarvey)

Son Greg:
The show was a great experience.  I also wanted to note, in case anyone is keeping track (I wish that someone would.. it would be great to have an Everly setlist database!!), a one-verse "Walk Right Back" was played as the final song and, during the band segment, Jamie Hartford sang a song that I would assume is entitled "White Lightning."  As my dad says, you've got to see them!!  It's a really great show that may not be coming through your city many more times!

VENUE : Atlantic City Hilton Hotel, Atlantic City, NJ (May 25th)
: Mary Shaw

I saw the Everly Brothers in Atlantic City, the Hilton Friday night. I enjoyed the show so much, they look good and sound the same. They did country blues and alot of their hits from the 50"s to the 60's. I love "Wake up
Little Susie", " Love Hurts" and "Bye Bye Love. The place was a sellout, and Don and Phil looked so happyto be there. I got in touch with their sound man, and he made sure I got my CD cover signed. I told him it was my Birthday gift to be here. 

I just celebrated my 51 Birthday. I was so happy I saw the show. I saw them once when I was young, and today they sound the same.

VENUE : Mid Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, NY (May 23rd)
: Belinda Orr (thanks for those great pics !)

Poughkeepsie, NY

Phewwwwweeee!! I must say...this was my first "Everly Experience" and I LOVED it. My mother has adored the Evs since she was a lil' girl...and i mean LITTLE...(she was born in 1950) Since my birth 23 short years ago...I have been RAISED on Everly's...Mom used to rock me in the rocking chair singing Everly after the I was ecstatic when they came to Poughkeepsie, NY. 

All my life my mother had been telling me how badly she wanted me to be able to see the guys live. The last time SHE saw them live was when she was 18...some club down in NYC, i guess. ANYWAY...we had SECOND row seats...and it was AMAZING!! I think I was probably one of the youngest people was funny...because all these people in the front row were going..."oh my!! the speakers are RIGHT there...we're not going to be able to hear...i hope security will let us move to some empty seats in the back rows if they are empty..." HELLO?? Did these people not know when they PURCHASED tickets that said "ROW 1" that it was RIGHT THERE...practically ON TOP of the stage?? I had to on the other hand? i love that loud throbbing pulsation of the "i feel like the speaker when i leave" feeling. (heheh) Us youngins...hah.

So...Of course...they all say "No Cameras, no cameras"... Unfortunately, no respect to Don Everly & Phil Everly...but I brought it anyway...Its amazing what you can fit down your wouldnt dare!! Ive been to one too many concerts where they say no cameras and them im kickin' myself in the @$$ for not bringing it when everyone around me has one. Its not like Im selling the pics or anything....I just wanted them for my mother and I to cherish forever!! SOOOO....two 24-picture rolls of film later...i have some great shots. I got them developed today...some are foggy...just because of the lighting in the theater...but they do look good...ill get some scanned & send a few to Martial (ed. and here they are..............)

I had to really organize myself...I was writing down the song set list...clicking pictures...and singing at the same time as I was paying attention to every aspect of the concert!! I was loving it! It was so great to be so close. My mother said the both Don & Phil havent changed. She said the way the stand when they sing, the way they hold their guitars...everything was just as she remembered. it was great for me to see her go back...I was able to see her swoon over her favorite men....get that teenager "giddy-queazy tummy" feeling you get when you get so nervous and excited at the same time because you are just so close to someone (2 someones) that you have ABSOLUTELY ADORED your entire life!!  Poughkeepsie, NY

Anyway....set list went like this:

(1) Green River
(2) Kentucky
(3) Bowling Green
(4) So Sad
(5) Claudette
(6) Crying in the Rain
(7) When Will I Be Loved
(8) Devoted to you
(9) Love hurts

(8 & 9---Don referred to as the Everly Brothers Deadly Medley...thought that was cute! Got a chuckle outta that...)

(10) I wonder If I Care As Much
(11) Bye Bye Love
(12) All I Have to Do is Dream


Buddy Emmons played some here...sounded AWESOME...and I MUST say...Jamie Hartford (I think that was the last name...) he is AWESOME!! He sang a song while D&P went backstage...I think it was called "White Lightning"...He sounds great!!! If anyone knows anything about him....lemme know...he's very talented...

(13) Long Time Gone
(14) Blues Stay Away From Me (this was an old Dilman (?) Brothers mother had never heard was a great song, too...not sure it it was "Dilman" or "Dilson?")
(15) Until I Kissed Ya!!!!! (MUUAH *** !!!!)
(16) Cathy's Clown
(17) Wake up Lil' Susie
(18) Lucille

Poughkeepsie, NY

(20) T for Texas
(21) Walk Right Back

I was in heaven for #16-#19....those are all my all time faves....The Evs still ROCK...WHO ROCKS HARDERRRRR!!!

I must say just a FEW more things before I quit...I know you are all thinkin, "Damn does this girl EVER stop???" but really...#1...I though it was wonderful when...during one of the songs near the end...i *think* it was T for Texas...but don't hold me to that...but Phil invited Jamie Hartford up...and he shared the mics with them...As the three sang into the mics...Phil had his arm around Jamie....and then the second time Jamie came up....Phil held his arm...It was so nice to was like he was a father figure telling Jamie to get up there and go for it...It kinda showed me that they really WANTED Jamie up there with them at that was great...Oh...and the other thing...I missed the name of the pianist/keyboardist...he performed with Don & Phil during the Royal Albert concert...but regardless...he is FABULOUS!! He seems to LOVE his job...(who WOULDNT!!!) but he was so cute!! I was dyin' just watchin' his fingers go nut up & down those ivories!!! Laugh if you will...but I, being from a younger generation saw a bit of "Animal" in him....meaning the Muppets...Animal if the lil' red & orange guy who goes TOTALLY crazy bangin' on the keys to the piano...just the way he looked...he "accidentally" knocked over his stool during one intense solo type stink and when he got done...he kinda gave this "oops" look...and he looked he was so INTO what he was playing that he didn't even realize the stool flipped over!! It was GREAT!!!

Poughkeepsie, NY

All I have to say is that the show ROCKED. The Everly's ROCK HARDER THAN EVER....It was TOTALLY worth every penny I paid...and I am VERY VERY VERY much looking forward to August when I go see the guys down in Red Bank New Jersey...Ive got Second row there too!!! And the day after that show they are in Danbury CT....I may be getting Tix for mom & i to head over there too...Hell...its been over 30 years for her to get to see 'em...why not get all you can, yknow?? hehehe...

Keep on Rockin' Don & Phil....Ive STILL got "Bye Bye Love" running through my head....Ive been singing it for TWO full days now!! Everly's ROCKKKKKKKKK!!!

VENUE : Centre In The Square, Kitchener, Canada (May 20th)
: Avis Butterworth

Centre in the Square: 5-20-2001

I went to see the Everly brothers at  THE CENTER IN THE SQUARE  on  May 20th   in Kitchener Ontario.   The show was Fantastic, they looked and sounded in top form.      They did a trilogy of Kentucky songs followed by their deadly medley  routine.  As usual Don did all the talking while Phil  smiled.

Many of Dons introductions expressed gratitude to the song-writers who provided many of their hits including Roy Orbison,Chet Atkins, and Felice and Boudleaux Bryant. Don also mentioned his fathers influence on them both as children.

The Everlys were accompanied by an excellent band including Jamie Hartford on lead guitar, Buddy Emmons on steel guitar, Bassist Phil Cranham,drummer Tony Newman and  on keyboard Pete Wingfield who in my oppinion was absolutly  fantastic (first class).

The Everlys put on an excellent show with Canadian Murray McLauchlan who opened for them.  They got (2) standing ovations from a very appreciative audience.

I am enclosing a picture taken from the local newspaper.   

VENUE : Centre In The Square, Kitchener, Canada (May 20th)
: Joan & Stephanie Walgos

We enjoyed a great concert by the Everly Brothers and their top notch band last evening.  It had been about 8 years since we last saw them so there were some changes in the play list. Songs I had not heard them sing live before were their opening set, Green River, Kentucky, Bowling Green and the closing encore, T Is Texas.  A special highlite was in the blues section, when they sang Blues Stay Away From Me, starting out acoustic and then being rejoined by the band. Fantastic.

Generally I found the show more all around entertainment with Don's added background information on the songs they sang, and it had the feeling of good jam session with Don & Phil and the band.

Don's speaking voice sounded a bit hoarse but that was not reflected in his singing voice.  Phil's harmony sounded just as great as always. The venue was sold out and the crowd enthusiastic and mostly in our late, late, late, mid forties as Don & Phil said they were. 

VENUE : National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Canada (May 18th)
: John & Mary Beveridge

The concert in Ottawa on Friday was outstanding. It was a pleasant Spring night, kicking off the last weekend of the Ottawa Tulip Festival, and I'd say it was a full house.  

The selection of songs was superb, and when the voices were not forced (as tends to happen on some of the rockers), it was fabulous to hear that harmony on those wonderful songs. Blues Stay Away particularly affected me.

The lighting was really good - great colours, perfectly coordinated with the music and movement on stage. The NAC theater also has great acoustics. Which leads me to say the band is incredible, though too loud for my taste. Perhaps the sound system was geared for outdoor concerts? I do tend to think Don's voice is pretty ragged, for the solos, and he may even have had a bit of a cold, and perhaps excessive volume is used to cover that kind of problem.

Sorry to say I couldn't quite make out the guitarist's name, though I think it may have been James (?) Hartford, who Don introduced as a son of a friend. He did the vocal on a blistering White Lightning in the intermission where the band performed, and later Phil got him to sing with Don and him on T for Texas. I didn't know if that was planned, but as it seemed Don had flubbed his introduction earlier, it may have been a compensatory gesture, and if so, more evidence of how good the Everlys are as people.

A few of the big songs were left out - Bird Dog, Ebony Eyes, Price of Love, and unfortunately, there was no 80's music - Wings of Nightingale or Why Worry. But there were so many others to enjoy, and to also hear Green River, Bowling Green, T for Texas, etc, was a real treat. 

Very glad we went! 

VENUE : Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada (May 17th)
: Bill Smythe

We took in this concert last night, it was excellent. Great band, great sound. The brothers do not seem to communicate, appears they still do not like each other ( ? ) Still their sound is still close to what it was in their golden years. I saw them in England in the sixties, again at their reunion tour in Toronto & again last night. 

Massey Hall : 5-17-2001

Three concerts in 40 years. Enclosing the review from today's paper & ticket stubs + photo from program.

VENUE : Harrah's Lake Tahoe, Lake Tahoe, NV (March 23-25)
: Beth Hoffman

 I just returned from seeing the Everly's at Harrah's last night (after waiting 42 years).  The wait was SO worth it.  The entire show was wonderful from start to finish.  The only problem was that it ended way before I was ready to leave.  I particularly enjoyed the variety.  

The Brothers are not just a greatest hits package that a good CD could replace.  They are evolving and growing and the harmonies are so lush that I cried. How often do they change their tour material?  If I see them again six
months of a year from now will they still be doing the exact same show or do they rotate various new things in with the oldies?

Thanks for helping me locate a nearby concert site.  Now, I'm even madder at my mother for not letting me see them in 1959.

VENUE : Harrah's Lake Tahoe, Lake Tahoe, NV (March 23-25)
: Marty Rudnick

Just a quick report from having seen the Friday and Saturday shows at Harrah's this weekend.

** the classic band line-up was there, with all members in top form as usual.

** the set list had little if any surprises, although they did play "Walk Right Back" which I don't recall from other shows.

** the mix was flawless and the overall sound was best I've heard from an EB show.

** Don and Phil were in excellent voice. The vocals were crisp, clear and true.

** Is it my imagination, or has Don slimmed down?

** Is it my imagination, or has the SHOW slimmed down? It was a modest 70 minutes long, including the band's mini-set in the middle of the show'.

VENUE : Marin Center, San Rafael, CA (March 17)
: Melanie Thomas

'Hello fellow Everly fans,
I live in Cupertino, CA which is about 40 miles south of San Francisco (next to San Jose). We had wonderful spring weather this weekend and it was a beautiful drive up to San Rafael on Saturday to see the Everly Brothers (at their only bay area concert this tour)  I have seen them several times over the last few years. We attended the reunion concert at the Concord Pavilion several years ago and have seen them a couple of times at the Mountain Winery and Villa Montalvo in Saratoga.  The band was in fine form and Don and Phil looked great--especially Don!  He looks ten years younger than he did five years ago!!  My husband and I couldn't get over how young and healthy he looks. I was glad that he wasover the flu--or at least he seemed to be feeling well. Phil looks good too but Don looks incredible!

We took our time getting there, enjoying the weather, and spent some time in the city before heading on to Marin County.  We arrived at the Marin Center at about 6:00pm.  There were only a couple of people outside the box office. We figured we had plenty of time so went for a walk over to the lagoon that was across the way and fed the ducks some bread. We then decided to go look for the stage entrance or see if we could find out if the Everlys had arrived in the hope of getting Don's autograph.  I had the opportunity of having my picture taken with them at the Mountain Winery a few years ago (1996, I think). 

We managed to get Phil's autograph on the photo the next time we saw them but Don was not available. So we brought the picture back, hoping to get Don to sign it this time. We were surprised to find the entrance to the stage area and without any security present.  We had seen a bus parked nearby and a rental truck parked at the dock, so we figured this must be the place. As we were waiting and looking around, we saw Albert Lee walk by.  We said hello and knew we were in the right location. We found out from the crew that Don typically arrives about fifteen minutes before showtime and leaves soon after the show is over.  He was expected to change clothes on the bus and we were told we would have a tough time getting an autograph. We decided to miss the opening act (a comedian) and wait and see if we could catch Don. We saw the rest of the band members arrive and remained patiently waiting although the manager of the facility threatened to "throw us out". There were only five of us there and we were a pretty unthreatening group. I met a young fan named Donna (who is a single mother of six!) and her father and step-mother and we enjoyed talking to them while we waited. Eventually, a second bus pulled up and John Edwards came out and went over to talk to the manager. We stopped him on his way back to the bus, showing him the photo and asked him if he would get Don's autograph for us.  To our surprise, he took the photo and DON SIGNED IT!!!! 

We immediately left to put the picture in our car for safe keeping and went in to find out seats. The minute we got seated, the show started. I never did find out if Donna got her 1963 Teen Magazine signed or not. I have no idea if the comedian was any good but getting Don's autograph was well worth the wait!'

Here's what they played: 

Opening medley of Green River/Kentucky/Bowling Green
So Sad
Crying In The Rain
When Will I Be Loved
Then the "deadly medley" as Don put it (Don introduced the
songs as usual, no spoken words from Phil--just smiles):
Devoted To You/Love Hurts/I Wonder If I Care As Much
(I wish they would play the entire song... these are some of the
most beautiful songs ever)
Bye Bye Love (Don prompted the audience to sing along)
All I Have To Do Is Dream
Don and Phil left the stage and the band played an instrumental song, then Albert sang a song that may have been titled "I'm
The Everly Brothers return and sing: A Long Time Gone
Blues Stay Away From Me
'Till I Kissed Ya
Cathy's Clown
Wake Up Little Susie
And then my favorite Everly tune:  Let It Be Me  (the first
song my husband ever sang to me, over 20 yrs. ago!)
They came back for an encore of "T Is For Texas" and
"Walk Right Back" and then they were gone.  :-(

It seemed to end quickly and my husband exclaimed, "they didn't play Bird Dog!". Well, they couldn't play everything
and we went away happy. If you get a chance to see them, GO!'

VENUE : Marin Center, San Rafael, CA (March 17)
: Donna Beasley

Well as you know the Everly Brothers played here in Marin March 17. 

Its been along time since i've been out by myself without children....and as far as putting on a dress?  Well needless to say it felt like prom night all over. My kids thought I was funny..... but my older boys ended up saying to me when I left that I looked cute so it helped my confidence level, my brother backed out leaving me high and dry with a ticket. Ah well... I wanted to have something that they could sign that wouldnt look like a cocktail of course freedom meant stopping for a drink. 

I tried finding someplace to get a photo of them but noone had them. and so I happened upon an old antique shop that had some photos....they told me they didnt have any of the Everly Brothers.....but that they had some old teen magazines up in the attic, so I went up and walked around looking at the stuff and saw a stack of old Look magazines from the 50's reached back and grabbed hold of an old magazine called Teen Pin-ups from May 1963. Who do you think was on the cover? yep thoose cute little boys needless to say in the back was 8x5 pics of each of them by themselves...YES!! I bought that little puppy for no small change.....and when I got to the the auditorium that night went right to the back where I saw their tour bus. 

It was funny because there was only one other women standing there it made it easier for me not being in a throng of adoring I was able to chat with her and as the band and lighting people passed by to also chat with them.....Yes your right its all in how you present yourself. I tried to appear confident and completly at ease.....thanks in part to a brandy stinger. since there was no security either in the back I went in and saw one of their suits and black boots sitting there waiting to be put on by one of them....I also strolled around the stage area.........when I came out thankful that no one had seen me... Mr. John Edwards himself was strolling up the back 

He approached a man who came out of the back of the building whom I could see seemed important....John was asking him in a not to happy voice why there was no security....and if there was going to be some... when I realised they both kept making a point of looking at me...... it hit me that I was making them nervous....which if you new me was so funny I started giggling at the thought of a mother of six intimidating all of these I went over to them and I said "excuse me Mr Edwards are you afraid of me? I mean I'm the only one here theres not an out of control crowd around me just me and the women standing near the bus also hoping for an autograph" he looked at me and said no I wasn't making him nervous just that he didnt like the fact that anyone could just walk in at any time I agreed with him on that and even made a joke which he laughed over. I also told him that you said hello..and he seemed a little bit nicer after that I also asked him that though I also wanted the Everly Brothers autograph that the lady near the tour bus just wanted Dons because she was in a pic with him. He said something about not knowing if she could ......and I said "thats too bad, Martial had said if you give it to the right person, they could just pop inside of the bus and have them sign it then. 

He looked at me and turned around walked over to her and took it and went into the bus returning with it signed she was so happy....which left then only little ol' me.... I'll make a long story short for you......first phil came through and I asked him if he could sign his pic for me....which he said yes and we talked for a moment and laughed over the old pic......then a few min. later Don came out of his bus....and he also signed his pic for night was set when I went in and heard all of my favorite songs....I spoke to one of the band members about the ebi site so thanks and will chat with you later.....I'm not sure if I should take the pics out of the I can frame them or keep them in it.....let me know what you would do...cya

VENUE : Marin Center, San Rafael, CA (March 17)
: Larry Trents

Marin Center Marin Center

The Everlys at The Marin Center         (c) Larry Trents

It was a beautiful spring like night in Northern California. It was also Saint Patricks day. The Everly Brothers were in town to perform their magic at the Marin Center. I bought my tickets the Moment they went on sale, and I got front row !!! This was going to be a special night, I could just Feel it.

I did not tell my wife we had front row until it was time to sit down, she was thrilled. After an opening comedian, it was time. They hit the stage at 8:50 sharp, and for the next 75 minutes they put on a show that was a perfect as could be. They were very on,and the band was as tight as I have ever heard them. Phil as always was amazing, he never said a word, he didn't have to, he sung it. Don was having fun, and being the great singer he is. No surprises, just pure everly brothers. "Kentucky" gave me chills. The "Deadly Everly Medley" was just that. "I Wonder If I Care.." is one of my alltime favorites. "Long Time Gone" with just them, and Albert Lee is always.......

A moment that you will always remember. They closed the show with "Walk Right Back", and it was all over. What a night. One I shall never forget. Sitting that close, and watching these two legends do there thing, was a, well I think you understand. My only regret was I did not try and hook up with any other EBI people before the show. Next time for sure. They play again this weekend in Lake Tahoe. It is only 4 hours away. You never know. Go see them when they come to your part of the world.

VENUE : Marin Center, San Rafael, CA (March 17)
: Joe & Fitzi Waters

Well as usual a great weekend in the San Francisco area topped off with an EVERLY BROTHERS concert at the Marin Center {S.R.O. Audience) an a great venue for their show. 

As I had previously mentioned Fitz & I were joined by three other couples from Santa Barbara as well as three couples from the Marin area, all of them seeing Don & Phil for the first time.  All were blown away by the show and are how fantastic the "Boys" band was.  It was the full contingent led by Albert Lee, Pete, Phil, Tony and Buddy E.   Same song selection as in the past but just a great performance with a very enthusiastic audience. 

We were again fortunate to be staying a the same hotel as the Boys and the Band. Spoke to Albert and Pete and talked with Phil Everly on Sat. morning.  I had him autograph my 1995 EB Tour hat which I told him I had purchased from the Kentucky Store.  As always he is always so kind and considerate when approached by a fan like myself.  Thanked him again for all these great years of listening pleasure and thanked  him in advance for what "I" knew would be a Great show.

I do have a feeling with the number of shows they have scheduled for this year that the Boys may be thinking of phasing out their live shows and calling it a career, now that will be a sad day.

Again Martial thanks for the great job you do un keeping all the USA Everly Fans up to date.

VENUE : Sun Theatre, Anaheim, CA (March 15)
: Thomas Price

Hello all , My wife and I attended the Sun Theatre concert on the 15th in Anaheim. I am 37 and have only seen the brothers once before in the late 80's. We had front row center seats at the Sun, so that was cool. 

While the Everlys sounded in fine voice, I was dismayed to hear basically the same set I had heard almost 12 years ago. At least at that gig we got to hear the brothers play Why Worry from Born Yesterday. It is sad to see them close out their career as little more than an oldies review act. Especially since they recorded some of their finest songs on the three albums from the 80's. 

Dion Dimucci recently released one of his best albums but only played one song from it when we saw him recently. Would it really kill them to add 20 minutes of new material to their act? Any real fan of the Everly Brothers has EB 84 and Born Yesterday and Some Hearts in their collection. Don and Phil ignore some of their best material and it is insulting to the fans who followed them through out their long wonderful recording history. How cool would it be to hear Be My Love Again live?  

Oh well there is always Vegas for Phil and Don.

VENUE : Sun Theatre, Anaheim, CA (March 15)
: Sheila and Ron Mead

Hi to all. I am quite new to EBI, since I havn't been on the internet for some time. My husband and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary at The Orleans with the wonderful harmony of Don & Phil. Yes, I told my husband Ron that Don did not look too good, as he looked very flushed.  He missed the Sunday night concert at the Orleans. I am glad that he is better. 

But never fear, he sounded wonderful as usual. We try to see them at least once a year, and have never been disappointed  yet. The band is also wonderful. The show is short, (1 hour and 15 mins.) but I could go to their show every night, and not get tired of listening to that Harmony. We saw the Everly's the first time in 1965. We will continue to see them as long as we are able and they are performing. 

We have just about everything that they have recorded.

Thanks Don & Phil, and the wonderful band'.

VENUE : Sun Theatre, Anaheim, CA (March 15)
: Ron Whittemore

My wife and I went to the Everly Brothers Concert at the Sun Theater in Anaheim last Thursday night.  As always, they were great!  They started their set with the medley of "Green River", "Kentucky", and "Bowling Green".  And it got better and better as they continued to sing.  

Don was a little hoarse, but it did not bother his singing any.  Their set lasted about 1 hour and 20 minutes.  The only problem was it went by too quickly.  I have seen them several times, and they keep getting better and better.  My wife and I are planning to go to Kentucky this next September to see them at their Homecoming.  

Thanks for your updates and the great website!!!!!

VENUE : The Orleans Casino, Las Vegas, NV (March 8)
: Zee

I have been an Everly Brothers since 1957 and first saw them perform live in 1958.

Since then I have seen them performed live many times, perhaps not as much as some but more than others. They have always put on a top-notch show. 

The Orleans Casino show on March 8th 2001 was as good as ever. I was lucky enough to catch their three big guns; Dave Ennis, Albert Lee and Paul Whitefield as part of the Everly Brothers back up band. It is my opinion that the Everly’s have the best band in the business. 

Don and Phil opened with the “Kentucky” Medley. This included   Green River, Kentucky and Bowling Green. This was a different opening than I remember from the last several times I have seen them. The Everly’s vocals were wonderful however I think the band was a bit loud and over shadow them or musical balance was off. On the next song, which was Crying In The Rain, Don noticed this on his second solo and gently pulled the microphone closer to him. Once he did this whole show really came together.

The Everly’s did about 23 songs with two medleys and lasted about 75 minutes. I mentioned the first medley the second one was what Don called “The deadly medley”. Which included Love Hurts, Walk Right Back and Devoted To You. .

The big highlight for me in the show was when the Everys did the Songs Our Daddy Taught us bit. It was just Don, Phil and Albert Lee playing the mandolin. I really love their voices with the mandolin backing them, the wonderful harmony and simplicity of the sound.

However the guys can still rock! They really had the whole audience going on Lucille, Bye Bye Love and Wake Up little Susie. My 23 year old daughter was with me and she has seen them several time. She turn to me and said “they really still have it! This is the best concert I have been in a long time”.

They false ended the concert on their usual Let It Be Me song. Then they came back and finished up with T for Texas and Cathy’s Clown (ed. surely must have been Walk Right Back). Everyone leaving the concert had positive comments about the show.

My husband and I  have purchased a condo which will be finished around September 1st. We are planning on using it as a second home and I am planning on being a “sunbird” for the next few years until my husband retires. I am therefore looking to enjoy going to more Everly Brothers’ concerts in Las Vegas. My only hope is that they continue to play The Orleans for the next few years.   

VENUE : The Orleans Casino, Las Vegas, NV (March 7)
: Brigitte Pelner

The show was fantastic. All the same songs sounding beautiful. That blues segment sounded so good that I was just longing for Phil and Don to sing more songs in that mellow "unplugged" style. Maybe one day. . . . Their harmonies were perfect and voices so smooth. 

Albert was there, which I was happy to see. For some reason I had the mistaken impression that he wouldn't be there for these first Vegas shows.  I have to say that this show was the perfect example of why the Everlys like to stick to singing their big hits. The audience seemed to consist of many people who hadn't been to an Everly show before, or at least I got that impression from the people's reaction when Phil and Don started each song. Such cheering and clapping with happy recognition for the hits. It was especially fun to hear the reaction for Wake Up Little Susie. Don started his special intro (alas, the shorter version of it) and the audience was fairly quiet, and then came those recognizable notes at the start of the song that everyone knows from the recording, and the people erupted with applause and cheers. It was great!

I was happy that the boys sang Walk Right Back as a second encore, because they hadn't sung that at the last several shows I've been to in recent years. Of course the first encore was that rousing version of T for Texas, which I like very much.

So now, I'm looking forward to one of the Atlantic City shows. We even talked about maybe going to Vegas again in July, but not sure about that yet. Just can't get enough of these shows!

Now it feels like spring because the Everly tour has started. . . .