Straight from the shores of France, Europe we just recently received a somewhat late but definitely not unwelcome review from a French fan. The chap was so nice to include a couple of pics and therefore we've decided to give him a little extra space on our domain. 

Please enjoy his 'FanView' !

Las Vegas 2000


Hi everybody,

My name is Fabian Lopez, i'm 30 years old and i live in France. All members of my family are fans of the Everly Brothers.

My father became an "Everly addict" in 1957 when "Bye bye love" came out. I grew up listening to their harmonies.
I still remember this beautiful night of summer of 1980 (i was
9 years old) when my parents and i went to see Don in concert in La Grande Motte (south of France). Wanda Jackson sang on the first part of the evening before Don played with his band.

After the show, dad, mom and i jumped on the scene trying to go backstage and we did !  Don was relaxing after his great performance and he received us with a big smile, signing an autograph and talking to us. Only few words were told because of the aproximative english of my father, but the emotion was there and of course, it will always be a great memory for us. In France, it have always been difficult to have some news about the Everlys. 

So i was pleasantly surprised when i found your web site one year ago. Before that i was thinking that the brothers were retired since their last record in 1988. When we knew they were still touring, my wife and i immediately decided to see them in concert. So in october of 2000, we took the plane to a long trip across the ocean to see them in Las Vegas. 

Las Vegas 2000

What a great time we passed! Don and Phil still do perfect harmonies on romantic songs and they have full energy on up-tempo material. I hope someday they'll come back in Europe. They have lots of fans  here and we are waiting for a big european tour.

Anyway, please excuse my bad english because it's quite difficult to me to write in your language. If other fans want to contact me here is my e-mail address:

You can write in english, spanish or french language.

So long my friends.