by Gerrit Vermeulen

Gerrit Vermeulen

(with pictures from Sylva Hostetler and Jan Brookfield)

We had decided at the hotel that we’d walk to the Zetland Arms Pub in one big group,only a 15 minute walk.


It was fun to walk to the pub together in a group of more than 20, chatting all the way. We had to ask for directions only once and when we got there this real English pub looked beautiful at first sight. Martial had made a real good choice, my compliments (Hazelle, I am not taking this honor away from you; you picked this spot and we all loved it). We were warmly welcomed and felt at home immediately like all these fans from all over the world. 


There were people from Japan...............


In a special corner the performing artists were already setting up their sound system. We found out that Ritchie, the guitarist that Martial had announced, was not there and were worried about what had caused this.


from Kentucky, USA.................................


To the surprise of many the newest Bear Family Box Set, the 3 Warner UK CD's and several Varese CD's of The Evs were for sale at EBI's Kentucky Shop at much better prices than the ones we had seen in the shops that afternoon.


and from Sweden !


We were happy to see Anthony Lauren come in, whom we remember from some very professional singing at the Parties in the Netherlands . He had brought his music along and agreed to sing some of his very good Roy Orbison material. He also took care of installing the big DVD screen so Martial was able to present
some very special, rare video footage of Don and Phil. 


The Everlys Experience
Geoff and Colin played great Everly tunes


After we had ordered our first English pint of beer, Martial, who had organized this Buffet/Party, did his welcoming speech. Geoff and Colin, The Everlys Experience did their first set of Everly songs right after that.

Such a pleasure to hear how much influence the Everly Brothers have had in the music world.


Our second pint was Belgian. The whole pub sang along. Wonderful, this is really the type of Party that everybody can enjoy. Even the guests who were there as regular customers enjoyed themselves and thought the music was real good, which in fact it was.


Having a great time........................... 
People from all over the world were having a fabulous time !


Colin of The Everlys Experience brotherly accepted that Anthony would sing and Martial announced him. Meanwhile Geoff of The Everlys Experience let us know that his voice was letting him down as a result of a cold so I think it was an extra good thing that Anthony could fill in and fit in so well.


Colin joins Anthony
Colin joins Anthony Lauren for a familiar Everly medley

At a later time Martial spotted Martyn and Roger Williams among the audience. They had been singing Everly songs together for quite a while…although certainly not the last coupe of years. He explained to them about Geoff’s voice problems and that The Everlys Experience probably would not mind if they’d ask to take over for a while. Colin and Geoff were even willing to let them use their Everly Brothers guitars and announced The Williams Brothers. Slowly our thoughts went back to the wonderful times when the Everlys sang these songs, some 45 years ago.


The Williams Brothers
The Williams Brothers join the fun !


In the interval we were told that buffet would be served on the upper floor. What we witnessed exceeded our highest expectations. They’d really thought of everything. We were really spoiled, great, such a rich choice of food and plenty of everything.



The party experience was greatly enhanced by a splendid buffet


Bas had welcomed everybody in at the door and taken care of tickets for the buffet for all. During intervals he showed some of EBI's very rare Everly Brothers Video footage or played some of the brand new CD's.


After we had enjoyed another round along the buffet, we were treated by Anthony Lauren. I personally think he is a fantastic singer. Anthony sang several well-known Roy Orbison songs but also did very good renditions of Rod Stewart and Rolling Stones hits which were sung along by many. 


Time passed, the atmosphere was the best and more high quality food was displayed. Martial, on behalf of all of us, thanks so much mate. Approximately 5:30 pm we went to the Underground to go back to the hotel while the Party was still going on. The next Everly Brothers concert was on our agenda.


Exp + EBI

Geoff and Colin join EBI's head honcho Martial B. and Webmaster B. for a photo shoot  

(visit the Everlys Experience website for more info on Geoff and Colin  !)


I hope this report is of use to you. I had the best of times at the Zetland Arms. Please keep running this outfit as you’ve been doing for more than 35 years now. Nobody can continue this job after you.


A word from Martial :
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Paul McGee and his staff, Alex, Lea, Christian and Ramzi for the way they made us feel welcome and worked for all of their guests all day. Paul even presented us with a classy bottle of champagne at the end of this wonderful day at his Pub. If we ever get the chance we will be back there, you can count on that, whether in private or to present another Buffet to the Everly fans.


Thanks Paul !
Thanks Paul, it really was fantastic !


Many of you asked about a DVD of very special Everly footage that was shown during the Party at the Zetland Arms. There's about 35 hours or more now in EBI's Video/DVD Archive where this came from. Let us know if you're interested (ebi@everly.net)


We missed guitar player Ritchie Lloyd at the Zetland to play his arrangements of Everly songs for us. Sadly we hear that he has an injury and can hardly use his hands right now. We wish him well and hope to be able to report better news about him soon.